Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Being a White Sox collector in this oddball bunch of bloggers is unique. Besides Jeff at My Sports Obsession, I don't have to compete with anyone to get my Sox, for the most part. Oh sure, with everyone wanting to obtain and flip an Abreu auto, getting my White Sox on box breaks can be tough. But for the most part, I don't run head to head against anyone they way some of the Dodger collectors do, or the Yankee collectors, BoSox collectors, etc.

Also, my player collections are pretty rare. Again, besides Jeff and Konerko, I don't run into a lot of people working on Joe Crede, Aaron Rowand or Tadahito Iguchi cards. Sure, Nellie Fox and Luis Aparicio are big names, but the bloggers in the groups aren't in competition with me for the cards.

However, Billy Pierce. That one..... is a struggle. See, I started my Pierce collection, and while technically it's complete, I still look for the oddball here and there to fill holes. So does CommishBob at Five Tool Collector. I didn't know I was battling against him for some items until I stole (yeah - I sniped) a couple Topps tattoos of Mr. Pierce away from him. Something I still feel guilty about. CB was very nice about it, and I'm certain he has no ill will towards me.

But I hate him.

See - CommishBob scores KILLER Pierce additions. While not always cards, he finds cool items to add into his great Pierce collection. And it makes me jealous. I am not sure how many times I can tell Commish how much I despise him in the comment section.

But it troubles me since he is a really nice guy. I mean, look at a recent package he sent me.

Awesome double play cards. Dig the height from Vina. This kind gesture starts to warm my soul. And then...

Players bunting. In fact, CB knocked seven cards from my most wanted commons list on the right. Rage subsides. Following these I pull...

Some needs for my 2014 Heritage set, and a gorgeous throwback card. I begin to see Commish in a new light as he includes...

Allen and Ginter!!! Some insert needs as well as a bunch for my minis. A sense of love and compassion fills my heart as...

Vintage? Really? Some 1964s for my set, and an amazing looking '61 Fox MVP for my Fox Project.

So I head over to CommishBob's blog to leave a comment, proclaiming my gratitude for his kindness and thanking him for the amazing cardboard sent. And then I read...

Aaaaaaaaaaand I hate you again. Thanks for the cards, but I hate you.

But thanks. I must get this anger under control.


  1. I, for one, get tired of seeing your name pop up before mine in Tribecards packaday for White Sox players. I might have cursed your name once or twice.

  2. LOL at that video.

    btw... much love from here. ;-)