Saturday, August 1, 2015

The stay at home Natonal, day 2

Before I get to my 2nd day at the National I had at 2x3 headquarters, as you heard, Billy Pierce passed away yesterday. Myself, Commishbob and a friend of his are quite saddened by this, though there is grief through a couple MLB organizations too. I'll speak more about this after this weekend - I want to finish my planned posts and put together a decent bit of writing about the man. So until then, good trails to you, Mr. Pierce.

Ok, on to the second day of the "vendors" from the SAH National (you guys) that sent me cards over the past few days. I am way behind on my trade and non-trade cards-out-of-kidness postings, but going to knock them out if I have to move the skies and the seas doing it.

Little help here?
Today at the SAH National, I only had the time to visit two vendors, but what vendors they were. First up, Greg from the always fun, and really long named Plaschke Thy Sweater is Argyle, which I have tried to come up with a short, cool name for it and just can't. Greg is the Ducks fan while I am the Hawks fun, but he's still okay in my book. I am most jealous of his cardboard scores because he works at an LCS. I'm not sure how much he sends comes from the castoffs there, but I will gladly take any White Sox not wanted in California.

Huge stack of junk wax to current filled the two team bags Greg sent. While much wasn't new, I found many pieces to fill teams sets in the Sox Box, as well as about a dozen cards into the Sox frankenset. Thornton was one of those that hit the frankenset binder, while Kittle and Flowers are new additions in the Sox box.

These two are the stars of the package. Singleton is a Domination dupe in the Sox box, but I really like the card (even if it scans like hell) and made a nice addition in the frankenset. Plus an on card auto of a Sox minor leaguer is always welcome. Zippy - wanna give me a rundown on his talents? Greg, thanks as always. I believe I have a few cards about to come back your direction.

Today's other vendor is everyone's favorite Dutch collection Jeroen from Dutch Card Guy. Besides being the biggest Glavine collector in the world (seriously dude - are there no therapists in that country?), Jeroen is very generous for a guy that has to spend serious postal cash to trade with anyone. We usually help each other out with set building as I dropped a bunch of GQ and other cards on him, plus two newbies for that Glavine monster he has. His return was quite generous.

Lots of Sox, with that gold Sale leading the way. Jeroen also included some hockey players from Goodwin and a few of the World Cup champ woman's team member, which came from Americana a couple years back. That's a section of the set I really should complete.

Either Topps Finest (of that style) should never be scanned, or my scanner is just crap (answer: B). That card is 1000 times better in person and a nice card to receive. Diamond Kings will definitely be a box purchase soon. Panini releases a lot of ugly cards without the license, but somehow DK works really well. That Alexei is actually a parallel serialed to /99. But the highlight was the stack of relics in the mailer.

Little bit of everything, with a piece from a Ben Stiller flic, a donkey bat relic and a Verlander jersey swatch. I'm sure the first two can make some sense, but the Verlander? Luckily, Jeroen added a note telling me that he hopes the Juston reminds me of Kate Upton. Since we know the uniform relics are not from a specific game, event or season, I did a little Google search....

White jersey? Yup - THAT'S A MATCH! It touched Kate! Thanks for the cards, Jeroen.


  1. Nice stuff! I am a huge fan of the Piece Of Hollywood stuff

  2. I thought the card smelled a bit like Kate so glad you found the photo to confirm it ! glad you like the cards !

  3. I mean you can always shorten the blog name to Kate's husband Greg. That totally works.

  4. Whoop sorry Jeff, this one never showed up on my blogroll.

    Keon Barnum. Once seen as a promising prospect for the White Sox after being drafted 48th overall, the first baseman has a ton of power but hasn't really put up a ton of results. He's been repeating high-A ball for three seasons.
    However if he can put it all together he could be a power hitting first baseman (a position that the White Sox do not have a ton of depth in) with a decent glove too. Some say his ETA might be 2018.