Monday, September 28, 2015

GAC VII -The end has arrived! Packs 17-24

Thanks for the good thoughts and well wishes about my health. Leg still hurts like hell in the wrong position, but luckily that stone came out pretty quick. And while I won't get into details, let me say I now know this isn't the first one I have had. Just the first that decided to be a pain in the....well, not butt. Somewhere else.

I know why he is screaming.
Time to work on my diet (again). I already try to drink a lot of water, but I will need to make it a conscious effort for the next few weeks to get that mindset of a couple quarts a day.

Let's rip and show the last 8 packs from my GAC box. I will say this: I did receive roughly 190 promised cards. You'll see what I mean. I start this post at 92 points.

All positive scoring cards start the stack on the right side of the box. Trout is a favorite player. Incredibeard is some frigging hipster that nets me a point. Black bordered mini and a full sized insert round it out.

pack total = 8
running total = 100

Yet another single scoring card pack. And not the last you will see.

pack total = 2
running total = 102

Joe Buck is treated like a Yankee, losing me a point. His forehead looks even bigger on cardboard. Flanking Joe is a couple scoring cards. While Didi is a logo back mini, I loose a point being a Yankee. For what it's worth, he is the last Yankee in my box. Just six total Yankees in the box, but a third of them were from hits and halved their score.

pack total = 2
running total = 104

My last buyback appears, and it's a pretty sweet one from the 2009 National Heroes mini insert. Gonzo gives me a couple Starting

pack total = 6
running total = 110

Here is the last of the packs that contained a single scoring card. If you kept track, it was 6 packs - 25% of the box.

pack total = 2
running total = 112

Logo back mini and a Starting Points card. Nothing exciting to talk about, so I'll just stop typing here because who wants to see me drone on and on about nothing in particular, just dragging out this section of the post and causing you, the reader, to waste you time when I could have just displayed the pack and running totals by now.

pack total = 4
running total = 116

The penultimate pack of the box is the last pack that scored me in double digits. Four packs netted me double digits - all the the packs with hits in them. That Strasburg would have been a hell of a pull 5 years ago.

pack total = 10
running total = 126

The current leader of GAC (as I type this) has a score of 185. Barring me making a MAJOR scoring error, or having the pack of my life, I will not pull out the victory this year. Here's the last pack.

Starting Points and a logo mini. The only difference here is that Middlebrooks on the mini comes from the SP section, so extra points.

pack total = 7
running total = 133

And that's all she wrote. An incredibly low score of 133 in a box with 4 hits, one of those being a 1/1. That's just how Gint-A-Cuffs can be - a very fickle game indeed.

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  1. 133? Say what? I thought I had last placed all sealed up and I was kind of taking pleasure in that.
    Glad to hear you're feeling better.