Sunday, September 27, 2015

GAC VII - Stoned! Packs 9-16

Before we get to the scans, let me just say I did not have a great day. Let me back up a bit and give you an overview of the whole week.

So last Saturday or so, I felt this pain in my body. I had not over exerted myself, and do not recall any sharp pain as if I had pulled or damaged a muscle in any way, but I was pretty uncomfortable when I sat, with the pain being in my right butt cheek.

Made you think of my butt.
Well, I could manage the pain with some Advil and a pillow on my chair. A few days into the pain, it left my tush and moved down my right leg. Started in the hamstring and by Friday, it was my calf. More Advil and it was tolerable. Being on my feet made it feel better than sitting.

So come yesterday, I'm dealing with intense pain. It was in my calf, and my right foot was numb. I couldn't bend the leg that much without a lot of pain, and just trying to tie my right shoe was a exercise in futility. Headed to the doctor and I got a steroid shot to deal with a sciatic nerve issue. By the end of the day, I felt great.

I awoke this morning is extreme stomach pain. Right side and horrible. Slowly, it worked it's way to my stomach. Nothing I could do would make the pain go away, so my wife took me to the emergency room. Not a good day for it to be crowded. But after some blood tests and an MRI, it turns out to be a kidney stone. More than likely the sciatic nerve and this stone are unrelated, but bad timing for both. It's small, just 3 mm, and I need to let it pass, which should not be a lot of fun I hear.

Made you think of my weiner.
So that was my past week. And enough about my health cuz I got cards to show off. I left of with a box score of 41 points, which is a slow start. Let's try and pick this up in the middle stack of the box.

The Kimbrel is a favorite player and gives me two points, as does the Ancient Armory inset. Drew, however, spoils the fun by just showing up.

pack total =3
running total = 44

Bunch of scoring in this pack. Kipnis is a favorite player. Cabrera is a White Sox - my favorite team. Starting Points scores as well, as does a Magnates, Barons and Tycoons insert of James Hill. All total this pack scores me 7 points.

pack total = 7
running total = 51

This is the actual first hit of the box, as the printing plate I pulled was technically a bonus hit. But just like that plate, it's a Yankee, halving the score of the hit. White Sox hot pack with the black border Shark and my selection of fav player in Sale.

pack total = 14 points
running total = 65

Another of the full sized buybacks, this time of Jones from the 2011 design. Starting Points gives me two points, but Jimbo Fisher takes away one of those points.

pack total = 4
running total = 69

Woo-Hoo! The second of my three hits shows up and it's a mini auto of DJ Buck 65. For those unaware, his is a good friend of fellow blogger The Card Papoy. And it's not Yankee! This saves me a TTM request. Along with Buck 65 we have two inserts and a favorite player.

pack total = 12
running total = 81

Bad pack for the contest, with just a single scoring rectangle.

pack total = 2
running total = 83

Yankees rear their ugly point losing heads again in the penultimate pack from the center stack. One of the less creepy Menagerie of the Mind cards. Molina hot box as I pulled the full size to score points as I did with the mini a few packs ago. And a logo back finishes the pack.

pack total = 4
running total = 87

We finish with a Shin-Soo Choo hot pack, as both cards add points to my total. A couple from the Starting Points and a couple more with a SP mini.

pack total = 5
running total = 92

So there we have it. I added 51 points this section of the box. But to have any chance in this year's game, I will have to go ape sh*t insane with the stack from the right of the box. One hit remains - what will it be?


  1. You definitely have had a couple of really sucky days. Hopefully all your ails will pass soon (no pun intended).

  2. "Drew, however, spoils the fun by just showing up."

    Now you know how Yankees fans felt for most of this year.

    Anyway you seem to have a knack of attracting Yankees. Next time I decide to buy a A&G box (heaven forbid) I'll ask you to pick one out for me.

  3. Good luck with the stone. I do not envy being in your position.

  4. Hope you feel better soon, amazing that 3mm can cause so much pain

  5. I hope the stone passes sooner than later. Hopefully the cardboard gods take care of you on that final hit.

  6. It's really fun knowing one of you guys pulled a Buck 65 auto ! really cool. Hope you feel better fast..

  7. Sorry to hear about your rough few days. I have something cool to send you so I hope that makes you fill a little better!

  8. Water, man. Just guzzle water like there's no tomorrow.

    Oh, and demerol.