Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Today in today's history.

Hey - ya know what today is?

Maybe if I click this text below the baby I might get a hint...
While not the official start of the season, and a certain banner raising night as a certain building on the west side of a certain city, it's nice to have the game back.

I am slowly trying to get my Hawks collection up and going. It is nowhere near the size of my Sox box, though there are not near that many cards out there from over the years. Luckily, I have a few people doing their best to help me out.

DJ up at Sportscards from the Dollar Store dropped a couple PWEs on me this week. How hockey heavy were they? Here are the only two Sox cards, one per envelope.

No complaints for either of them. Both are needed for sure. But DJ really dropped the Hawks rectangles on me.

Inside were Hawks of all shapes and sizes.....

From sticky Hawks....

To old Hawks......

Cup winning Hawks.....

To Captain Hawks. I REALLY love that All Star card at the lower left.

Thanks as always, DJ. I may or may not have something to send back. Ok - I do. And for all you other hockey fans - game on!


  1. The Bears may be as bad as last year. Don't know about the Bulls. Thank God for the Blackhawks!

    1. And the Cubs! Don't forget about the Cubs! Oh wait... whose blog am I posting on again?

    2. Yeah, I meant after the baseball season is over.