Saturday, September 26, 2015

GAC VII - Let's do this! Box topper and packs 1-8 (1 hit)

I finally got my box for Gint-A-Cuffs. I am just making it under the wire with my scoring, as the contest ends on the 30th of Sept. That being said, I am going to blow through the cards in just three posts. I did okay with this box. I am surprised by my score considering my box - I wonder if I messed up my scoring. Come back for the scans if you care - we can talk about the hits I pulled in regard to trades, though one is staying with me.

Also, I have my want list posted on my A&G Needs page. You are welcome to assist me in any way possible. I only scanned cards that affected my scoring. Without more delay, away we go.....

I pulled a standard box topper. Not the large A&G card nor Pride of the People. It's a meh card, but it does score me 4 points.

pack total = 4
running total = 4

First pack ripped and I pull one of my two full sized buybacks, from '07. Also a Starting Points of Springer and a SP mini of Mike Napoli. Not too bad a start to the box.

pack total = 8
running total = 12

Very poor pack, as only the insert was the scoring card. This will become a trend for this box.

pack total = 2
running total = 14

Like I said......trend. :(

pack total = 2
running total = 16

Pack 4 of the box improved over the previous 2. Another Starting Points insert and Posey shows up again, this time with a A&G backed mini.

pack total = 4
running total = 20

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand we're back to a single scoring card pack. Sigh.

pack total = 2
running total = 22

Now that's a lot better! First hit of the box is a mini printing plate. The only problem being it's of a Yankee. First Yankee of the box and a horrible time to show up as it halves the score for the card. New insert with What Once Would Be and another A&G logo'ed mini.

pack total = 11
running total = 33

Starting Points shows up again with another card for the set, and I gain a point thanks to Yadier being the favorite player of another GAC participant.

pack total = 5
running total = 38

Final pack from the left side of the box and we have Yankee #2 from the box giving me a deduction. Two other insert cards turn the pack into a positive score with vacuum tube trains (why has this not happened yet?) and a bird of prey flying far more gracefully than another owl I know.

pack total = 3
running total = 41

Well, 33% down and if I keep this rate up, my score will be a pathetic 123. I do still have some hits to pull, so my hope is something to give my box a kick in the pants. Packs 9-16 tomorrow.


  1. That box topper is phenomenal! Personally, I'd be interested in a whole set that looked like that.

  2. Sweet plate, I hit one in my gint-a-cuffs box too!

  3. I know a guy who might be interested in that plate...