Monday, January 18, 2016

Dream job

As you can expect, I am like the rest of you and still a working schlub, not raking in any of the cash from the monster Powerball. Anytime those drawings get high, you dream of what to do with the cash. I've always wanted to own a movie theater. Single screen, balcony, beautiful sculpted ceilings and a grand entrance. A cinema like they used to build when movies were the go to for entertainment, instead of the 16 screen multiplex with 3D, motion seats and all the other crap that goes with going to a flick nowadays.

Butter in the middle of your popcorn, sir?
I know I run a music video at the end of every post, and music is truly a huge part of my life. But movies always came first. Two hours of escape into another world, whether action, drama, science fiction, fantasy, mystery horror or musicals. I would build a one screen palace and be in heaven for my remaining years.

For option 2, I would love to have a card shop. At least, invest in one. I do enjoy spending time just hanging at my local shop. It's like going to a bar without the pretzels (they have the beer, even if it is shitty Coors Light). A while back, Dan from It's Like Having My Own Card Shop sent me back a mailer in thanks for a bunch of Goldschmidts and other D-Backs I sent over. Looking at Dan's "card shop", I would definitely be a customer, and maybe help open another location.

From what I see at Dan's shop, he's going to have tons of older boxes to dig through, and it will be glorious. I remember that Bell Homerun Heroes card. I believe the set was exclusive to jumbos of Upper Deck. I just remember it, and now I must build it. The Big Shots of (not related) Belle is an insert I have never heard of. I'm not quick sure the park Albert is larger than life in, but that isn't Comiskey. Plus a One Dog in a Pinnacle Museum Collection? So funky and fresh!

Dan's card shop is filled with all these sets I have never seen. I do have another Domination, but I didn't have Kip up there. But Diamond Debut and Changing Stripes? First time I have ever see those inserts. I thought I hit the jackpot with a horribly off center of Magglio, but that is the design. Yes - Ordonez is a member of the "White So". These had to be near the end of Leaf's history, cuz who would approve that thing? Other teams in the Sunday Dress set include the "d Athletic", "ork Mets", "ton Astros" and "ago Cubs".

With luck, Dan has a lot of discount boxes to dig through too, cuz stuff this cool never shows up under a dime around here. Only Contreras doesn't make a binder, as he is not a player collection. Red framed Crede and the Authentic Speed Iguchi hit the one binder and two for the Paulie. Again - Leaf, what's with the design? Thank goodness for the (mostly) crappy scan, as it helps you see the Sox logon in the arrowhead at the lower left. Trust me - in person you can't make it out. It's a black blob. I thought maybe the card was heat activated. Oh man - wouldn't that be cool?? Gavin, make that happen!

Dan, I thank you for the new additions. Let me know when you cut the ribbon for your shop.


  1. Opening a one screen, old-style movie theater is my top "win the lottery" expenditure too. Too own a place to have that kind of experience would be a dream.

  2. If I'd won the jackpot, I'd have been pretty tempted to open a "collectibles" shop, with vintage toys, comics & trading cards. Movie theater's not a bad idea, either

  3. Absolutely love the Changing Stripes Sosa - I've long daydreamed of doing my own custom set based around that concept; that is, players that have crossed town. That looks much better than what I could dream up though.

  4. I never really think about winning the lottery. I have never purchased a lottery ticket therefore my chances have always been non-existent. I'm not sure what I would do with the money but I know I would give myself some time to sit down and think about it, take it all in and make the right choices that would benefit my family and myself. Happiness is key and money changes everything, so you have to be careful, especially with an enormous amount of winnings from say the Powerball lottery.

  5. There's at least one type of heat-activated card that I know of:

  6. Great stuff from Daniel!

    If I came into great wealthy I would have to buy myself the famous Honus Wagner card! It is the ultimate Pirate collectible.

  7. Nice haul. For that theatre don't forget the big red (or whatever color you want) curtain. I miss the days of the curtain opening just as the projector gets fired up, and closing after the end credits. OK so usually they would open the curtain during the production company logo and close it DURING the end credits.

  8. If I hit the lottery... I'd travel to different countries and attend a variety of sporting events... in search of bobbleheads and sports cards.

    Btw... That song has always reminded me of Fast Times at Ridgemont High.