Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Welcome to the neighborhood

Anyone ever read the book Rules of Thumb? In the original book, the authors cobbled together the opinions of people to come up with base rules of life. Like the distance between your finger tips on your out stretched arms is equal to your height. Or if you button your jeans and then lay them flat, if you wrap the waist band around your neck, then ends should just meet. Basically, the diameter of your neck is half the diameter of your waist.

One rule that has always stuck with me was this: Five moves equals one house fire. The rule of thumb was that you threw out enough things in five house moves that it would add up to the same amount of stuff you would lose if your house caught fire. I have no idea why that one stuck with me.

I hope the couch isn't too wet.
Julie, over at A Crack Bat, recently moved from Florida? Georgia? Somewhere down south I think. Anyway - that doesn't matter. She moved to the Midwest and recently dropped two packages on me. One was a large stuffed envelope, which was mighty fine, and then she goes and seals the deal as a cool Midwest chick with a Christmas card.

Not 'chick'? Ok -She's a hip honey broad. Where's my Four Loko?
So much White Sox goodness was within.

Let's start with glorious junk wax. As I have mentioned in the past, My Sox box is shockingly short of cards in the mid 90's to early 00's. Granted, some of what I have scanned here are out of that range, but you get the general idea how my Sox box is filled. While I did rip a bunch of Collector's Choice, I ripped less of Leaf, and Pinnacle. I think I opened the inaugural release, then nothing. So Pinnacle Express? First time I ever seen or heard of that.

Binders got a few additions. Man, that Cline is a beautiful miscut. And Bazooka Joe makes the binder as a new non-baseball addition. Even on it's side, Bazooka Joe isn't funny. Too bad they didn't cut off enough of the card where we could have filled in our own joke to bring back the humor. Lastly "Dear Topps, This is how you properly frame a card. Signed, Upper Deck".

Packed filled with action!!!! It's amazing so much action can be contained in so small a place. They are Action Packed Men!

New releases made it in the mailer too. Diecuts of future Sox stars are always welcome. What would be welcome is a team that will silently do so well that the media will spend all their time talking about the amazing club on the northside that they fail to notice the quality of play on the south. Oh wait - that's Chicago sports coverage anyway.

Gooooooooooooooold!!! And fooooooooooil! And snow cammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmo! First Sox foil card I have, btw, with the Beckham. Same as the first snow cammo with the Shuck, though I have received a 2nd of another player.

Before I decided to turn my love of buy backs into a frankenset, I just asked for them, and Julie sent along that sweet Johnny Podres. I think that is his sunset card, eh Nick? Actually, COMC says no. He has a '69 as a Padre. I'll let the joke write itself. I didn't know you ripped high end, Julie with the Tier One. That's right, you can afford to buy houses, so of course you do. Though, I do have to deduct 2 points for the reminder that Canseco was a White Sox. We really had some shitty teams at the turn of the century.

As I mentioned, Julie followed up this package with a Christmas card containing two more cards.

OH YEAH! Player collection additions. I have been hunting for that Turkey Red Iguchi relic but never found one at a price point I was willing to pay. For Crede, I have a couple of the Boys of Summer auto cards (which I love), but those have the team shopped out ala Panini. It's nice to see him, while not as a full blown White Sox, in the farm club colors.

Thanks again for the cards, Julie. I guess I better find some more Kelloggs cards out in my neck of the Midwest.


  1. Awesome stuff. That Podres card is just killer!

  2. Collectors Choice is everything Opening Day should be.

  3. I don't think I've ever seen a miscut foil card. Nice assortment from Julie, as always.

  4. Wow. I hope that video doesn't give me nightmares tonight.

    P.S. Great cards... especially the vintage Podres.