Monday, January 4, 2016

Tis The Season: even FARTHER behind

I'm not even going to get into the past week or so. Nothing horrible, mind you. No family disasters, financial crisis, emotional drama or any other litany of traumas from living. Just the past many days got away from me, and by the time I found minutes in the day for myself, it's well past 8pm, and they end up being literal minutes before I'm off doing something else.

I'm not moaning, complaining, bitching or anything else - just stating that for the past week, life has been life and it's put me even farther behind the 8 ball in getting all my giveaways done.

"Give up all hope and spare yourself the embarrassment"
Technically, the cards from the last three posts are off the comment block. I'm not going to post them all in, but I will spread them out over the next three days. AND YES - I SHALL POST OVER THE NEXT THREE DAYS! (I hope). Anyway, the oldest stack(s) to give away are the 4 piles of 2015 Topps flagship, Mostly Update, but cards from all three series.

Only 8 people, so half of you commenters missed out. Sorry. But Adam, Al, Matt and John will each get themselves some team bags of cards.

Alright - just two sets left. They are the same set, but different years. Today, we will start with the older years worth of cards.

Yup - blurry photo and all, them there are Allen and Ginters. Whenever I see blasters at the big box stores on clearance, I pick them up. I do pull hits and rare inserts, so it's fun for me. That's where these cards come from - blasters. You have 68 cards from 2013 - 54 base and 14 inserts. From 2014, you have 37 cards - 5 inserts and I'll let you do the math on the base. Also, if you did the math before you image, you can guess what's on the giveaway block tomorrow. Anyway - that is then and here is now. Right is wrong, over is under and U-U-D-D-L-R-L-R-B-A-Start. Comment away.

I don't have any A&G mailings to showcase from the scan folder, courtesy of you fine readers, but I do have some old stuff. That kinda counts. Local boy Tony From Wrigley Roster Jenga (dude, you, me and Nick need to coordinate at Orland) dropped a little Christmas package on my doorstep.

I think I am very close to having all the White Sox from the Conlon sets, though I need to spend a day and compare what I have to the checklists available. Tony also dropped on me a complete (I believe) set of the Vancouver Canadians. Not many names I recognized, but Hernandez was an easy pick out.

That Gonzalez Chicle was one of the longest members on the most wanted sidebar list. Not sure where you found it, Tony, but I am glad you did. Mike Robertson had a baseball career of 39 games for three teams. Wikipedia last have Mr. Robertson as a scout for the BoSox. Good for him. And dig the unused Comiskey postcard.

I think Tony included the post card to match that huge Ed Walsh 1948 Exhibit card. I forget too much about the great Exhibit cards - I need to get focused on acquiring them. The Aparicio on the right came with two other cards and I assume they are from a board game. Just don't put a gun to the head of a kitten and expect me to name the game. Sorry Mr. Fuzzykins. Thanks again, Tony. I'm sure our paths will cross soon enough.

Man - way too many mentions of 8 in this post. 


  1. wow! Tony knows how to impress! Your Exhibit is grand! Does this make you or Tony the exhibitionist?

  2. Brandon L - thanks for the entry

  3. Yep, I'll get in on this too since I'm just finally getting into Ginter

  4. Glad you enjoyed the cards. The Adrian Gonzalez came from a full box of cards dumped on me at a local garage sale and I've been sitting on it for a year and a half not realizing you were looking for it. The game card is from an offering by SI called Superstar Baseball from the late 60's/early 70's. A meet up sounds grand to me!

    1. If you guys decide to meet up at the Orland Park show let me know, because if I can find the time to make the drive I would love to crash the party.
      (For the record, don't put me in the randomizer!)

  5. that clip ain't bad, but 3 is the magic number.

  6. That Gonzalez is awesome. Gotta dig through my Chicle and see if I have a copy of this card.