Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Tis The Season: The last pile

Well, it went longer than I planned (in my head) but we have come to the last pile of cards to be given away. But first, we shall do our usual housekeeping and figure out who takes home a bunch of football cards.

Yup. We only had three people enter. And I like sharing the wealth, so I opened the bags, and grabbed the packs I got this past weekend from my LCS pack wars night. I sorted out the sets and divided up the cards into three stacks. I did the best to have the same amount of base and inserts into each stack, and I think the actual card count is equal. So Dion, Clark (Brandon) and Sports Card Collectors, you will each get a grouping of football cards. Also, I am going to break the rule I mentioned at the beginning for you three: if any of you happen to win one of the remaining randoms, you won't have to decide which stack you want. Sound cool?

Like the other side of the pillow.
Like I said, last group of cards on deck today. Hmmmm - I wonder what they could be......

Even blurry as all get up, you can tell those are some 2015 Allen and Ginter. And I have a lot of them. I would say enough that is about 3 boxes of cards. See - I was at my LCS and a couple guys each ripped a box of A&G. This was a week or so after release. The pulled their hits and their Bryants, and then offered me all the base. In fact, one of them ripped a 2nd box and gave me the base. So I had a real good start on the set, except that 2 of the 3 boxes were pretty similar. And then when I ripped my box for Gint-A-Cuffs, I matched a lot of what I already had. So I got a lot of Ginter to give away. This one will have 3 winners. Each winner will get just over 100 cards, with full sized inserts and base. Have at it folks.

My scan folder of thanks is almost empty, which is nice cuz I have 3 or 4 more packages to scan. Today, some thanks to Brad over at Brad's Blog, who has a header image that makes most of us jealous. Every time I pull a Ryan Howard, I put it aside for Brad. Quite the no brainer. Brad dropped a nice large package of White Sox for the Sox box and player collections.

Starting with Bowman. I should take a close look, but I think I have more than half of that Kibby rainbow. Then again, he is out of the Sox organization and playing in the independent Frontier League. Love the thick gold Bowman of Sale. No - I am not starting a PC of him.

CHROOOOOOOOOOOME!!!!! So much Chrome from Ryan over so many years. I always forget Drabek was on the south side for a season. I sure he'd like to forget it too, though we did originally draft him in 1983.

The refractor from the last image joined all these Paulie's in the Konerko binder. Man, I miss Topps Total.

Holy crap! What in the world is that Stadium Club insert??? Turns out it was from 2013 Archives. I never even knew they existed, but not I have one thanks to Brad. And I love the junk wax flanking the card. 90's - amirite?

Stars from the mailer, though, are these two gems. A Konerko relic from GQ for the Paulie Binder, and I love not just the cards of Bob Spence, but what the previous owner wrote on the card:

Nothing on him

That is pure gold right there. Thanks a ton for the amazing cardboard, Ryan.


  1. I'll take a crack at one of those stacks!

  2. Pinnacle Aura? Skybox Metalsmiths? Just when you think you've got the 90s figured out 2 sets I've never heard of pop up in one scan.. yeesh

  3. I've gotta try for some Ginter. Thanks.

  4. I could definitely use some 2015 Ginter. I forgot what I was doing and barely bought any.

  5. (not in for this one)
    But wanted to say thanks for the football one. Added my addy to your PWE list :)

  6. Brandon L entry - thanks so much

  7. I'm in for the A&G. (And, for goodness sake, Jeff, just start a Sale PC already!)

  8. Didn't buy any A&G so I'm in too!

  9. Thanks for the kind words, glad I was able to send some Sox you didn't have