Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Tis The Season: Hey - I'm not done yet, guys

Just cuz I put up the last stack of cards doesn't mean the season is done. I still have to show those winners, plus I may have a few tricks up my sleeve. First off, got a radomizer to show off.

Well Brandon, it took almost until the end, but you finally made it to the top of the pile. Brandon (Clark Real for a user name) has entered every single giveaway I believe. This time, the random gods shown down upon you. BTW - if you go back to the post, there were 9 comments, but Jason accidentally posted twice. Just wanted to be on the up and up with you all.

Alright - for a little trick up my sleeve: as you know, with the packs you rip, Topps has been putting some giveaways within the packs. You have their online (used to be cool, now totally lame) games, plus codes for Bunt and such. Well, I have pulled some of them.

The top two are for MLB 15 cash and the bottom 8 are free packs with the Star Wars Trading Card app. You should be able to click the image for a larger version to read the codes.

This is COMPLETELY the honor system. Take one code. Just one. We share in this world, and that is why I give away cards - to share with you all. Granted, there is no way I can tell if anyone snags all the codes.

I can only say this: If you take more than one, you're a rude asshole. Plain and simple. You only think of yourself and care nothing about other people. And while none of us will ever know who you are, you know what you did. And if you wonder why sometimes life give you shit, think back about all the selfish things you did.

Now, for the rest of you - try a code, if it doesn't work, try the next one. Properly, 10 of you will get some free digital stuff. And for you guys playing with the SW app (I don't - I like cards in hand), let me know if you pull something super cool. I just would love to hear that a free pack gained you something rare.

Ok - that's all for today. I have thanks to get out, but I want to hit publish before 7:15, so I will only post one card.

We'll talk more later....