Wednesday, March 9, 2016

SuperTraders: the king of the asylum

When you think about it, SuperTraders already exists. So many people in the blogging group are generous beyond bounds. If you have every sent me something - anything - you are generous more than you think of feel. It would be impossible to think of a time I felt like the other user got the better end of the "deal". If you plug a hole, fill a need, find something odd and unique, and send it just out of the kindness of your heart - then you are a SuperTrader.

With every group, there is a leader. For SuperTraders, we have our combination of Jim Jones, Charles Manson, David Miscavige and Nurse Ratched in Wes from JayBarkerFan. Wes really started the action of immense card drops on folks that so many have followed - Mark Hoyle, Matt Scott, P-Town Tom, Night Owl, Kevin Papoy......everyone. Wes' latest package to me was small, which is always nice if you have ever gotten a Wes bombing. It was still loaded with tons of White Sox that filled empty places in the Sox Box.

I have lamented in the past on how late 90s/early 00's are a under represented in my collection when you think of the sheer multitude of cardboard out there during the time frame. Here's a few from the couple team bags of cards Web delivered. Love the serialed Ballpark Idols, with the Magglio at a low /100. I have zero recollection of Mr Rodriguez in the center ever playing in Comiskey.

Wes always seems to fine oddball minor league team sets for me. Here's a couple from the 2003 Birminham Barons team set. Yofu didn't do much in the system, but Cotts helped us secure rings in 2005. Topps Finest in the middle. That's all I need to say about that gem.

Colors!!!! Bowman green and a Flowers cammo. Close to impossible to ever find any colored borders for Sox players in town, and when you do you best break out your wallet. Gold Canseco in the middle. That's all I need to sat about that jerk.

Thanks as always, Wes. From your videos, I think I better be prepared for a consistent trading cart showing up at my front door.