Monday, March 7, 2016

SuperTraders week: Bob Walk The Plank

Somehow I got wrapped up into Wes' SuperTraders group as the White Sox dumping point. I feel honored, but I feel like I will be on the low end of the totem pole in the giving aspect (much as the Sox have been the past few years in MLB and in Chicago in general - World Series Champs 2005 (suck that Cubbies)). But it is amazing the generosity from the blogging world, both in SuperTraders and with everyone in general. Some of the packages I have received over the past few years have blown me away in their kindness and amazing content. SuperTraders seems like that will ramp up, and I have started to see these coming in already. With 5 separate packages from members of the ST group, I thought I would highlight them this week.

But have no fear - there are other amazing gifts in the scan folder. Don't think that you have to send high end stuff or huge quantities of cards to touch my collecting heart. Every envelope, manila padded package or even a huge priority box (yeah - I got one of them to sort through, and the address wasn't Wes) is prized when received. So if you have something you think I would like, trust me - I would more than like it. And if I am slow getting something back, I'll get to you.

Someday, someway.

Anyhow, I think this was 2nd official mailing from a SuperTrader - Matt from the cool Bob Walk The Plank. Matt really didn't need the ST idea to show kindness. I have received some incredible cards from him in the past. But he stepped up his game with a single rectangle. I'm thinking he must have scored some sweet deal recently, as I am seeing cards from the same set being dropped on bloggers by Matt. I am just thankful that he thought of me and this card in particular.

I have the most wanted on the side, and while I have mentioned in the past a desire to add this player to my collection, I never added him to the list. Matt either has a good memory, or a good heart. Either/or, I have a good addition to my White Sox autographs.

Encased cards scan like hell. Forgive me if I don't go back to snap a picture. I think you get the idea. Matt has been dropping encased Tributes the way my router has been dropping wifi connections lately. This is such a pretty card. No sticker, large signature - just great all around.

Thanks a ton, Matt. Maybe I can keep pulling Pirate printing plates to send on a return trip.