Tuesday, March 8, 2016

SuperTraders: Mr Hoyle

For those fortunate enough to receive a Hoyle-ing, it's quite the experience. I can't speak for others, for maybe they know the mystical land Mark finds his vintage. But I have no frigging clue. I just know that when the return address reads HOYLE, start guessing what's inside. Then, fly to Vegas and place bets against your guesses, because that's where the payout will be.

1999 Skybox Metal is going off at 450 to 1.
Mark is the BoSox representative in the ST madhouse. That's good. I usually pull a Red Sox hit at least once a year from some product. And maybe, just maybe, I can give some of the love back to the guy that just drops the best musty smelly rectangles in envelopes.

Ok. Years ago, these two would have stumped me. Thank goodness the internet comes through. And with no surprise, the big "comes through" is courtesy of Shane at Shoebox Legends. These are a couple of cards from a Milton Bradley game from the late 60's. Another Google search pointed these as 1969 and from this game. With a name like that, I think the creator must be related to me somehow. (Side note - as a family, years ago we used to have a cat named "Cat". I didn't name it though). These are similar to a few cards I got from Wrigley Field Jenga Tony a few months back, just with images on the one side, but the backs match.

Man. Man o' man o' man. This is all perfect level of quality in the cards I like. Mark knocked 2 more off my White Sox 1960 team set. Those are going slow, but the thrill is the chase, not the completion. I'm sure I have mentioned before, but the 1972-73 Topps hockey is one of my all time favorite sets. We had so many of these bouncing around shoe boxes in our house on Howdy Lane. Someday, I will start to build it. I think I'll get my 1964 baseball to at least 90% before I make a serious start. But if anyone sees cheapo lots lying around, I'll pay you back. The Tony O goes to the Blackhawks team set.

While I don't actively search out miscuts from football or basketball, when someone drops 23 miscuts from the '74 set, all at least as wonderful as the Little on the right, and a few as glorious as Bertlesen on the left, you welcome them with open arms. I've decided that a miscut is a miscut, no matter the sport. And now I really need a bigger binder with two dozen new additions. BTW - that is a shopped Kings sweater on Lonsberry in the middle. Even on hockey cards, eh Topps?

Mark, you always pack a lot of cool in a small package. Thanks as always, and keep an eye out for a return soon.


  1. Whoa, that Jim Bertelsen might be the most dramatic miscut I've ever seen.

  2. I've noticed the similarities between those game card sets before myself - mine was issued by the Avalon Hill Game Co. though, so I think any resemblance is either coincidental or ripping off.

  3. miscut vintage hockey = cardboard gold.

  4. I found a few baseball miscues for the next package