Tuesday, March 15, 2016

There is no cure

Did you know that Alcoholics Anonymous is 80 years old?

Instead of some tactless, uncaring joke I might make, here's a cute puppy
From that initial group, many other people with debilitating habits have sought help from other people in the same position as themselves and found ways to rid themselves of their evil. From food to sex to gambling to clutter, there are clear signs that the people that know your deepest pain, and those that can help you get beyond it, are those that have been there before.

Adam from Addiction as Therapy is in the boat we are all riding. Whatever Topps puts out, we all want, whether old or new. However, no matter what we feel about the product, I don't think any of us are getting off when the ship pulls into port.

Ok - maybe a quick dip at the beach.
Recently, Adam busted some GQ, a set I am continually building with all the frigging short prints. He was offering up the SPs he pulled, and Topps made Konerko a short print last year, so I need one for the set and one for the collection. I jumped on a freebie of Paulie, cuz half is a good start, and got more than I expected.

Adam not only sent the one SP - he sent over 7 for the 2015 set, along with a few of the insert needs I still have hanging on my want list. My goal is to knock off ALL the wants I have by the end of 2016, excluding short prints. I'm getting closer.

Gold and Chromey. These and more White Sox made in to the Sox box (which I just sorted the pile of recently received cards into. Another thing I'll need by the end of the year is a 2nd monster box for the Chisox cards. Currently, everything 1980 and newer sits between a 5k monster box and a 3k shoebox. The shoebox is filling up fast.

Cooperstown!!!! Adam also put some hurting on the insert sets. Ballparks is done with that West Side Park. Museum Pieces, Voices of Summer and High Praise are just so damn big, but I will clear them this summer.

I hate the Induction sets for just one reason: why did they name them the same? They are easy to identify. But still - each insert gets its' own name. Got it Panini?

Thanks Adam. Working on a return package. Aren't we all just pushers and users in the long run?


  1. Panini Cooperstown's "Ballparks" series is definitely one of the better insert sets in recent memory.

    1. I like the "Ballparks", but the "Voices of Summer" tops it in my book.

  2. I completed one Gypsy Queen set and vowed never to do it again. The sp's are such a pain in the ass.

  3. Always a pleasure! Thanks for the trade!

  4. I tip my cap to you and your 2015 Gypsy Queen set. It's a solid design and that feeling of completing it is gonna be amazing. Best of luck.