Monday, June 6, 2016

Calling all lawyers!

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If you pick up any of the 10 pack repacks from Target, for the past year a staple in them has been a pack or two of 2015 Leaf Heroes of Baseball. The bad Musial autograph from the blaster was in a separate top loader, so there is no chance of pulling that. I've almost built the 60 cards baset and 20 card Musial insert set from repacks. You get 5 cards in the pack with photo shopping to wipe out the logos.

Philly? Cub? Philly? Cub? Oh I just don't know!
One of the curious cards in the set, to my eyes, is Roberto Alomar.

On the back, the reference to any team is the back to back titles for the Toronto Blue Jays (which, btw, is typed out just like that - full city and mascot). But you can clearly see Roberto is not a Blue Jay but a White Sox, a team Alomar played a total of 85 games with in parts of 2003 and 2004.

I mentioned the shop jobs, and clearly someone made sure his helmet is clean and not a single stitch of the Sox logo is shown by his left arm. Someone at Leaf, though, didn't do so good with the background.

I've seen Panini go above and beyond to wipe out all traces of team logos. Not sure if the background gives a company some leeway, but those got missed. And it's not like you can't make them out. These are not 2016 Topps flagship backgrounds. Hell - that's Paulie sitting in the dugout. A blind man with cataracts could identify Konerko on this card.

Topps, I get a cut of whatever you earn for me finding this. A case of Dynasty is sufficient.


  1. As a lawyer, I'm not sure I appreciate the Mojo Nixon song. As a music fan, I totally do.

  2. Lol... I must be blind. I never would have noticed those logos or Konerko. I guess I really need to start spending some time appreciating cards a little more.