Tuesday, June 28, 2016

List it out

First day back to work after 10 days off. I start at 7am.

By 8:12am I realized why I take vacation days and why I don't have enough.

Fortunately, cards make me feel better.

Robert at $30 A Week Habit sent a small PWE over with help for my 2016 GQ set build. The two old timers are short prints and very much appreciated.

Also appreciated are Glove Stories insert needs. And then Robert seals the deal with a on card out of Phil Housley. I forget he finished his career in Chicago. I don't think anyone counts those 4 games for the Leafs. Did they even make a card of him as a Leaf? We traded him to Toronto for 2 draft picks that turned into complete nobodies. But I love an auto of the 2nd all time games played by an American and HOFer. Thanks again, Robert.

Making lists is a good thing.

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