Saturday, June 25, 2016

Gone west

So that was a nice trip to see our son in Denver. It's the second time we have driven there. First time we were taking him a car, so we flew back. This time we left on Sunday and did an all day drive back on Thursday. Just three days with him, but it's our 3rd visit to Denver, and there really isn't much we haven't seen so far.

And while the mileage is good, I would not recommend a Prius for mountain climbing. There isn't a lot of power in the engine, and I was really straining heading up to Nederland and Estes Park. Did take a small tour of The Stanley, where "The Shining" was filmed. No card shopping on this trip, though. No time or money to visit Bill's Sports Cards.

Red Bum-mer.
Fortunately, people that live out west send cards. My bi-monthly mailing from Kerry over at Cards on Cards arrived a couple weeks back. It's good to have a regular Cardinals trade partner as I seem to pull St. Louis hits left and right. I'm not sure if Kerry pulls what he sends or just finds them at killer prices. I am just glad he does get his hands on great cardboard.

Fleer made minis? What sorcery is this? It shows how out of the loop I was with card collecting in the early 80's that I have never known about these minis (compared in size to a recent Topps insert). Kerry sent 5 of these bad boys over. Not sure if that is the whole Sox set, but I know I now have more research to do.

I'm still working on all the Chicago White Sox mascot Southpaw cards that Topps has put in Opening day. I think I have the 2012 in some box, but this 2013 was needed to join the 2014. If anyone is sitting on any of the Southpaw cards, send them my way. The Frazier Spring Fever is a nive card to receive as I opened zero of those packs this year. Somehow, Todd is the only White Sox in the set this year. No Sale. No Abreu. Ok - set complete.

Late 90's and early 00's cards are welcome here. As I have mentioned in the past, in the Sox box, the years from 1998-2005 are surprisingly light considering the number of sets released in that time frame. And I'm just going to say it: I think Fleer Tradition did a better job with the '56 set than 2005 Heritage.

Shiny! Tatis is a purple parallel from this year's Bowman numbered to 250. The Shark is an Opening Day parallel. And while Eaton looks normal on the front, the back is a Sabermetrics variation. A fine addition to the Eaton collection.

So I didn't find anything out west. But the cards from the west found me.


  1. Welcome back to IL. Too bad you couldn't make it to Bill's. I understand completely though... that's a card shop I can easily lose an entire afternoon in without blinking an eye.

  2. 2001 Fleer Tradition is such an amazing set. I like it almost as much as The Shining... which I need to go watch right now to remove that horrid video/song from my memory banks.