Sunday, June 19, 2016

Spring Cleaning #3

Back to the scan folder for some more cleaning. And since at the point this posts I'll be somewhere in Iowa or (dread) Nebraska, the rest of the posts this week are all scheduled.

This is the 2nd oldest item in the scan folder. The oldest is a monster box I am STILL sorting through. I'm almost done with that, so John - I haven't forgotten your generosity. It's just that your generosity was huge.

Are we still doing phrasing?
Zach from Underdog Card Collector dropped a #Supertrader envelope on me that was wonderfully hockey heavy. Not all of it was hockey, but most was, as you will see in a moment.

While I have all the base sets of Cooperstown done, I still need a few singles for the Sox box. As well as the base cards for this year's Heritage (I think I have the set now, but I have to double check with the list). This year's flagship colored parallels....I'm not sure how I feel about them. Yeah, it does make use of the wasted smoke space, but they are still kind of weird.

But like I said, it was hockey heavy. Starting with the entire Blackhawks series 2 Young Guns representative. Of the 3, I think Hinostroza is the best talent, though the other two are nothing to shake a stick at. With the unfortunate departing of Teuvo, Kero or Hinstroza have a fighting chance to make the club next season.

Speaking of Hinostroza, I became a super collector of him with one envelope. I had no clue he had so much cardboard out there already. I really need to step up my hockey card purchases. Svedberg did a decent job on the back line, but at times he seemed out of his element this past season. Hopefully that was just a learning curve and his sophomore year will be better.

Series 2 canvas. I hope COMC has the crazy prices they had on series 1 canvas so I can build the entire set. I also hope if UD decides to do Masterpieces again they remember the greatness that is UD Canvas before they work on the design.

Your future Hart trophy winner. He deserves it - all you Penguins fans know that to be true.

And your future Calder trophy winner. I know the argument - he played in the KHL and has too much big league experience and should be excluded from the race. Here's the deal - he started in the KHL at 17. Seventeen. Yes, he is 24 years old, but you only need to be under 26 for the award. And while McDavid played well, he was injured. This is not an award to who is projected to be the biggest star. If so. a certain Eric Lindros would have his name on it. The Bread Man earned it.

Thanks for the mailer, Zach.

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  1. Nebraska. What a long, flat, boring state to drive through. Yeesh.
    Have fun!