Thursday, August 11, 2016

Gint-A-Cuff 8: packs 21-24: It's over!

Here come my final 4 packs from the box. But before I start - I made a stupid mistake. At the end of the 3rd post, my box score was sitting at 62.8. Then, when I started the 4th post, I gave myself the starting point of 58.8. I as looking at the wrong paragraph of the post. So my current box score is 4 points higher than where I ended last post - 95.8. Next year, I will have Tom do my math.

Yeah - the rip card was the highlight hit of the box. Nothing against Cord McCoy. I do like me some non baseball relics. The cowboy was the only scoring card in the pack too.

pack total = 5
running total = 100.8

More Yankees. For a crappy team this year, they sure have a ton of cards in the set! Severino loses me a point. I get two from Ryno, so the pack scores me a single digit.

pack total = 1
running total = 101.8

Shocked that no one picked Moose or Bryant as their favorite players. We need some Royals fans to play in 2017. Franco is a favorite player, and add his two points to the two I get from the Natural Wonders and we get 3 points total.

pack total =4
running total = 105.8

We end with a whimper. How is the hell that Marlins super fan got a card is beyond me. Then again, last year has those unfunny losers from Impractical Jokers, along with some douche bag bloggers, so.... Two points from Seager and 2 from the Subway & Streetcars mini. BTW - that is the Red Line from Chicago. You can take it to both Wrigley and Comiskey.

pack total = 4
final total = 109.8

Grand total of 109.8. I'm certain that will leave me at best middle of the GAC group. As long as I had fun, right?

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