Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Gint-A-Cuffs 8: packs 13-16 - Bird watching

To catch you up, as well as myself, cuz I forgot my running total, I sit at 58.8 points at the halfway point of my box. We have reach the peak and it's all downhill from here. I am still two hits shy, so maybe one of them shows up in the post?

We are finishing the last 4 packs from the center row of the box, and sure enough, there is a relic. Jason Werth. Give me a few minutes while I go outside and dance around with pure joy and excitement. I believe this is the 2nd Werth relic I have pulled in my collecting life. At least he's worth 5 points. And the mini of De Blasio scores me 2 points. Lucky 7 total.

pack total = 7
running total = 65.8

Two packs in a row - no Yankees! Good scoring cards in this pack with the Maeda both a favorite player and a Numbers Game and the black bordered mini. Two points for each scoring chance for a total of 6. Side note - the vertical minis look really nice this year. Big Papi got a nice mini sunset card in A&G.

pack total = 6
running total = 71.8

Had to go and open my mouth about the Yankees. I'm giving the bird to Bird for taking away one of the two points I got from the Natural Wonders card. Look close on that card and you can almost see the Olympics. And the poo filled water.

pack total = 1
running total = 72.8

Bottom pack from the center of the box and we get Bird again. BOOM - the double deuce! Fortunately, Kluber is a favorite player, and Morgan is Numbers Game. Positive 3 points from the pack. Laureates is almost a rehash of the Peacemakers mini set from 2013.

pack total = 3
running total = 75.8

We are 2/3 through the box and sitting at a decent 75.8. Averaging about 4.7 points a pack up to this point. We'll see if this rate holds up when we move to the right side of the box tomorrow.

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