Monday, August 8, 2016

Gint-A-Cuffs 8: packs 9-12 - meh.

Ok - we are moving to the center of the box. But before I do, a scoring update. The Commissioner made a slight change to a couple rules. My box topper is considered a hit for favorite player, so I get a multiplier on it, raising the points on the topper from 4 to 6.8. Also, the commish stated that the Numbers Game insert set should score 2 points per appearance. I had 4 of them in the first 8 packs, and that give me 8 more points. So we do a little math and me new running total is 50.8. We cool? Let's go.

As I stated, we have moved to the middle row of the box, and the top pack adds points to the total. The Votto is another GAC player's And the Baseball Legends of Duke scores as well. Two points for each, adding 4 to the total.

pack total = 4
running total = 54.8

We are getting a similar score with this pack. Numers Game of a very serious Glavine nets two points, as does the Natural Wonder of the Marble Caves. Four total points this pack as well as last pack.

pack total = 4
running total = 58.8

The phrase you never want to hear in Gint-A-Cuffs is "Yankee hot pack". I pulled three in this pack. The only saving grace is that Pettitte is a short printed mini and offsets the loss. Three for the mini minus 3 for the Yankees equals zero. Yup. 4th non scoring pack of the box.

pack total = 0
running total = 58.8

Two more Yankees? Why not! Grrrrr..... Well, let's look at the positives (literally). Rice Numbers Game is 2 points. Baseball Legends is 2 points. A&G backed mini is 2 points. So the net addition is 4 points.

pack total = 4
running total = 62.8

Set building packs - all 4 of them. If you are going to put all 350 in a binder, I will need them. So while I didn't get any more of the promised box hits, I ultimately pulled cards I needed. I'm think looking at it a different way makes the cards appear awesome.

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