Friday, August 5, 2016

It's coming...

This year's Allen and Ginter came out a couple weeks back. And if you've been around the blogsphere the past 8 years, then you know Gint-A-Cuffs has returned again. This will be my third year participating. I'm due for a big score with the past two years near the bottom. But this is a warning that if you put your ear to the ground, you will hear the Ginter train a-coming...

Sounds like another losing box for you, daddy.
So before I start the GACVIII posts, let me clear out the last few scans I have from recent mailings. I still have a few mailing left to scan, but at least the folder will be empty for the time being.

Yup. These are from last year. I'm still working on the base and some inserts. Chris at Nacho Grande gave me some help on the inserts with a dozen or so cards. Not much left to go, and I have a line on finding all the cards at my LCS. Chris (at my LCS) told me he has a stack of 2015 A&G he almost knocks over on a daily basis. So if you have needs, email me a list and I'll try to help you.

Tom over at Waiting 'til Next Year, a blog that won't be changing names any time soon, dropped a nice stuffed mailer on me. And after that comment, it will probably be the last. So let's enjoy the goodies, like a stack of bunting and throwbacks. I had no idea Scooter had a bunting card in this year's Archives.

Player collections? Tom hit those too. That year of Black Diamond is so ugly that is comes around the other end of the ugliness line to be beautiful. And then ugly again. It's a big loop.

I found one of these Fleer Emotion cards in a dime box a couple years back. I thought it was some special framed cards like Gypsy Queen puts out, but it turns out this is a whole set? Man - how did I miss these? The emotion, though? Zest? Hurling? Suspense? I can see why this set never caught on.

Another Archives, this time a blue border of the Big Hurt. And look - back in the day when Topps actually knew, or gave a flying crap, about Southpaw's name. As opposed to his current reference as "White Sox mascot". Com'on Sooz!!!!! I'm counting on you for 2017.

We finish with a couple relics. Josh was one of the many failures in the Sox farm system. Drafted in the 1st round in 2004, he was far too streaky and got sent to KC. After a whopping 13 games, he went to the Pirates but never saw the show. Then to the Rockies, and again stuck in the minors. Then to Japan for the final 40 games of his career in any big league. He finished with the Dodgers farm system in 2012. The other is of Podzilla, most loved in Chicago for this one hit.

Thanks for the cards, guys. And now get out the way - the train in pulling into the station.