Sunday, August 7, 2016

Gint-A-Cuffs 8: packs 5-8: There's a first time for everything.

Been running around all day and never got to writing up my 2nd GAC post, so let me whip it up fast.

Well, well, well. I have been building all the A&G sets, but have only been buying full hobby boxes for the past 3 years. But even from blasters, this make the first rip card I have ever pulled. About frigging time! So A-Rod is being forcibly retired, from how I see it. No big buh-bye ceremony like Jeets got. For my life, though, A-Rod knocks me down a point. The rip card is worth 10 points, and you are guaranteed 10 points for what's inside. We'll get to that at the end. Best scoring pack of the box so far.

pack total = 19
running total = 30

Pack 6 was set filler. Fortunately, it did help me score some points, from Rizzo and Freeman. Both are favorite players of GAC participants, so I get 2 points for each.

pack total = 4
running total = 34

Double Yankees!!! Castro and Beltran take away the two points the sweet Palmer Baseball Legends gained me. So a non scoring pack. That makes 3 zero packs out of 7.

pack total = 0
running total = 34

And we end the left side of the box with a nice Abreu that scores me a point. And the Jon Gray A&G is no normal A&G back but a no number A&G back. That'll score a fiver for a pack total of 6.

pack total = 6
running total = 40

Well, a third of the way through and I am averaging 5 points a pack. Keep that pace up and I will fall just short of 100 for the box.

Oh yeah - the rip card. As I stated, all cards pulled from a rip card are worth 10 points. You can score more based on the card since you can get mini autos, 1/1s and others. You know I'm ripping this thing:


I guess if I don't pull a auto or 1/1, I don't think there is any worse "base" mini you can get from a rip card. This card has been blowing up on ebay and I'm going to sell it. Though, I am in talks with a certain someone about it. I would sell this to pick up some of the pricier 64s I need, like the Mantle, Rose, Mays, Clemente, etc... For my first rip card, I'm pretty happy.


  1. Wow. That's a great stretch of packs. I've never pulled a baseball rip card before. I don't think I could bring myself to do it...

  2. congrats on a rip card. Can't do any better than a pull like that inside.

  3. i pulled a rip card from the only pack of basketball cards i've bought in the last 34 years. it's the only rip card i've ever pulled. you did better than i, and i am sad to say that i am not the someone you are in talks with. hopefully, democratic roadkill is the guy...