Sunday, December 4, 2016

Black Friday hauls

With the Uber driving, I was able to build up some funds for me to spend on Black Friday. While I did go through and load up my COMC shopping cart, I never pulled the trigger on any of the cards. I don't know - I just wasn't feeling like some of the cards were that great of a deal. But I always had my eye on some boxes. When all was said and done, I bought 4 boxes to rip from BF deals.

* box of 2016-17 Upper Deck hockey series 1 from my LCS
* box of 2015 Upper Deck Firefly:The 'Verse from Dave and Adams.
* box of 2012 Panini Golden Age from Steel City Collectibles
* box of 2013 Panini Golden Age from Steel City Collectibles

Did you mean how'd I do? Like were the boxes good and did I get nice hits? That's what you meant, right?

Let's start with the UD hockey. No, I did not pull the Auston Matthews Young Gun. Boo! But I did nab that card about an hour ago with a blaster, so I am happy. The box was a great start at building the set. I did pull on gold exclusive and one Clear Cut acetate card.

Not huge names. I also pulled a relic from my box.

I know someone with "too many" cards that will be receiving this soon.

Next up let's look at the 2012 Golden Age. I have talked of my love of this set, if only for the 3 years it existed. But since Panini killed it, we can get over run with football and baseketball releases that all look the same, so yay 'Merica.

I pulled one of the felt pennant box toppers of Citation. This was the first pack I ripped from either box, and probably a foreshadowing. You are guaranteed one relic and one auto in a box.

I nice Yankee jersey swatch from Sweet Lou, and the name Jean Cruguet may not be a household name, but on Seattle Slew he brought in the first undefeated Triple Crown horse across the finish line.

Let's jump to the Firefly box, because while I have a tough time picking which box was better, I am going to believe many will pick the 2013 Golden Age with the best hits. This is my 2nd box of Firefly, and I was not able to complete the set. Which just means I have to buy a third! You get 3 hits per box: one manu relic and usually 2 autos - one of an actor and one of an artist. I beat the odds big time.

That's my manu relic. It's ok. At least it's different than the first box. I think these fake relics suck, so let's move on.

Nice grouping here, with a 1/1 sketch card of Mel done by John Sloboda, and a reprint card (a card drawn by the artist printed with a matte finish) autographed by Karen Hallion. John autographed the back of the sketch card too. All the artist did great work in this set, so it's nice to add their autographs.

Three leather cards in a box. I just showed them off to remind people that the woman on the right is a younger Christina Hendricks.

You like my excuses....

No huge pull on the actor autograph, pulling Edward Atterton. But if I ever go for master set, I have it crossed off the list. And btw, that's 4 hits, and there was one more to be found.

It's the blue plate on the left. I matched the card with it so you can see the full image it builds. Five hits in total in the box. And here's the interesting thing: if this was an open box in a store, if you pulled the correct stack of packs, you would have yanked the entire box. All five hits came from the same stack (upper left if I recall).

Ok - 2013 Golden Age. I completed the base of all three years, but at $25 (for 2012) and $30 (for 2013) a box, I could not pass up the deal. Plus all the inserts and minis. Some folks gamble on $300 boxes. I do the same at 1/10th the cost.

Back to the horses with the Exhibit style box topper. Steve Cauthen is a little better known, riding Affirmed to the Triple Crown in 1978 at the tender age of 18, the youngest Triple Crown jockey ever.

And some monster hits with the relic and autograph. Nice leather swatch from a glove of Gene Tunney. It feels super soft. In the pack before I snagged the Berra auto, I pulled a Berra mini and commented "Pulling this signature would not be bad at all". Then boom.

Good times from this year's Black Friday. There will be Golden Age and Firefly cards available in the upcoming Tis The Season IV. Yes - that will be starting very soon. Be ready! Oh - and one last thing from the Firefly box.

RIP, Shepherd Book.


  1. I enjoyed your Firefly box the most. You pulled a bunch of gorram hits!

    By the way, if you haven't sent the Mrazek my way and you trade with Doug from Sports Cards From the Dollar Store, please feel free to send it his way (or I'll be happy to).

    And finally, congrats on the Yogi!

  2. Amazing pull with the Berra. Definitely a keeper.

  3. Good to see the gods shining on you for a change..

  4. Nice pulls out of Golden Age. That Tunney glove is so awesome. The Berra was an epic pull too. But I've seen my fair of Berra autographs. How often do you get to see (and in your case... feel) a piece of Tunney's glove. I might need to track this card down for my collection.

  5. Same here. The Golden age are fun and those two pulls are both knockouts. See what I did there? ;)

  6. Nice Pulls Jeff. Love the budget boxes.

  7. Love that Tunney relic. And yogi, wow. Not sure how I missed this post. Glad I found it. Great stuff congrats on your pulls!