Wednesday, December 14, 2016


I think it's standard for us collectors that everything is in total disarray. We are either tracking stuff we have received, organizing our stuff into new groupings, trying to package stuff or any of a hundred other actions. Even though I work from home, time organizing my cards happens infrequently. And with the driving at night, I am not to the point of making piles on my desk. Seriously - my desk is a total craphole of crap.

It's an industry term.
As I have slowly made my way thru the stacks, I found a mailer I misplaced. It sucks in multiple ways. First, it is loaded with AMAZING stuff, which you will see shortly. And second, I'm a dick for not thanking the sender much sooner than now. So Duane, I hope you cut this fellow saddened liberal some slack.

Yup, I said Duane from the super mini collection blog of Democratic Roadkill. If you want to see all the A&G mini sets, and I mean the WHOLE frigging set, with the parallels, SP, SSPs and others, Duane can hook you up with some images. He's crazy. Crazy awesome! And I really mean that when I reopened the yellow mailer and took a much closer look at the innards.

I just show these because they were throw ins. When you post with a name like JediJeff, people send you Star Wars cards. Which is awesome. I think if I see a box of this on clearance, I'll scoop it up. Who else is excited for Rogue One?

It may or may not come across in the scan, but the Ticket To Stardom cards are actually the ripped ticket parallels, with the jagged edges. Paulie is going into the Konerko binder. I hope, with the crappy 2017 the Sox will probably have, being a rebuilding year, they sign Buerhle to a one day contract and he can retire where he never should have left.

Both 2015 and 2016 GQ are still works in progress for me. For 2015, it's just a bunch of SPs and a couple insert cards, but for 2016, there is still a decent amount of base and inserts needed, along with the SPs. Duane hit 7 base, dropping me to needing 6, six SPs, leaving me at 25 needed, and 5 inserts, putting that group at 19 cards remaining. I don't go nuts about SPs, but I would like to have them for the sets. Still, that Walk Off of Jackie is super sweet. Always a good thing using a photo that hasn't been used (or over used).

I mentioned minis, and Duana has them in spades. Three of the Basics of Baseball completes that set for me. YAY!!! Also included were some of the 2016 A&G Mayors, a few First Ladies (I am missing Michelle already), along with a few other earlier mini inserts.

Each time I go back and look at checklist, I add mini sets. Then I wonder why I do it. Then Duane reminds me why I do it. That is the perfect mailer, if it stopped there.


Black parallel GQ minis, with the Sale slated for the Throwback binder. And Abreu? That is no regular mini. That is a super high number extended mini. First I own from any year.

Someone say "relics"? First bat relic from Jose. And if you look close at the Peavy, it's not the scanner. That pinstripe is green. So that uniform would have come from the Sox "Halfway to St. Patrick's Day" game they play each September.

And autographs too!! I think we are regretting getting rid of Davidson now, but hindsight is 20/20. I have only one certified autograph of Beckham, and one TTM. Now I have two. It's hard to read, but that one on the left is Micker Adolfo. Good power in single A, but strikes out far too much. But he's working on it in the minors.

Duane, thanks again. I owe you big time. We'll have to soothe our political pain via cardboard over the next 4 years.

Or at least until that f*cking misogynistic Cheeto brings the world to an end.


  1. Buehrle does need to retire as a White Sock. Also, those "Basics of Baseball" GQ minis are awesome, how have I never seen those before?

    1. I agree. I've never seen them either and must complete that mini set!

  2. Did Chris Sale cut that piece of jersey into the Peavy card?

  3. Great cards, love the Jackie and I doubt I will ever get my hands on a Giants version of one of those extended SSSSP Ginter minis, that Sale is great. Excited for Rouge One - heck yes! Have tickets for my boys and I to see it on Sunday.

  4. Oh you're collecting those Force Awakens cards? Great, I have extras.

  5. Damnnn I'm so in love with those Basics of Baseball minis! Those little babies are pso beautiful!
    I think I have some StarWars dups from last year sets. If you want I can send them to you. Mind you they are in Portuguese lol ;)

  6. So many awesome cards. My faves in this post are the infield shift and Michele Obama minis. Great stuff.

  7. One day contract for Buerhle? They should sign him for a 2-year deal with club option for a 3rd.