Thursday, December 15, 2016

My take on card of the year

So everyone is jumping on P-Town Tom's take on the best card of the year. For those just coming out from under a rock, Tom from Waitin' Til Next Year {screw you - I am sticking with that name :) } is having a contest with each person selecting their favorite card from 2016, no matter the sport or non-sport. I did some digging, and there are a couple cards I would give runner up status to. I snagged the images from COMC, though I own the first one.

I just posted this yesterday, and commented how I like the different image used. The framing is decent and the subtle blue on the card works well with the design. Topps need to find more unused or under used images of old timers.

UD Canvas takes the already great pictures from the Upper Deck hockey set and goes up about 50 levels. It's almost impossible not to call this Card of the Year. While it is from last year's set, this is from Series 2, that came out in February. If I owned this beauty, I would give it the top spot, but I feel the winner should be a card I own. Sorry Ryan. But if/when I do get this card, I'll need a second for a TTM.

But my call for card of the year is this beauty:

The moment I pulled it, I knew this was my favorite card. So much red tone, with the border, the high pants showing red socks, the dirt, the catcher's mask highlights.... Then appears that fantastic splash of green from the Monster and the infield to the right side. The framing is awesome and the timing is dead on, with the ball just barely jumping from the bat, leaving the damage to the barrel in its wake.

Winner winner.


  1. Great choices! I immediately thought of the Johansen canvas when I saw this contest... but I don't own it. I don't own the Xander either (and I'm a Red Sox collector) so I'm glad you had it and chose it for this contest.

  2. Not a big hockey card collector...but man they have some awesome and beautiful looking cards. That Bogarts card is a pretty fantastic angle as well...all three are great shots!

    1. That's the first time I've seen that Johansen card. Wow. Just wow.
      I really like your selection for card of the year. And, because it's not a White Sock card your choice seems to carry more weight. I tip my cap to you!

  3. That Johansen card is jaw dropping! Of course, Xander ain't so bad himself, but wow!

  4. I pulled that Bogaerts from a pack when Archives first came out, but didn't notice the broken bat until now.

  5. The Bogaerts is great. Like Nick above I didn't even notice the broken bat.

  6. That Bogaerts is fantastic! 1991 Topps had a lot of great photos... so it was cool to see that Topps continued the tradition with their Archives cards.

  7. Hadn't seen that Johansen card until now. Fantastic...

  8. That is definitely one fantastic card! I need to own it soon.