Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Pat Harrington, David Bowie, Monte Irvin, Alan Rickman, Dan Haggerty, Johnny Bach, Abe Vigoda, Dave Mirra, Antonin Scalia, Vamity, Tony Phillips, Harper Lee, Essie Einhorn, George Kennedy, Nancy Reagan, Sir George Martin, Frank Sinatra Jr, Rob Ford, Phife Dawg, Joe Garagiola, Ken Howard, Johan Cruyff, Garry Shandling, Mother Angelica, Patty Duke, John Carlson, Merle Haggard, Blackjack Mulligan, Doug Banks, Charlie Hodge, Milt Pappas, Chyna, Prince, Charlie Beamon, Morley Safer, Alan Young, Harambe, Tom Lysiak, Jan Crouch, Muhammad Ali, Kimbo Slice, Gordie Howe, Anton Yelchin, Buddy Ryan, Pat Summit, Carl Haas, Turk Lown, Nate Thurmond, Garry Marshall, Dennis Green, Miss Cleo, Brian Clauson, John Saunders, Kenny Baker, Choo-Choo Coleman, Mr. Fuji, Gene Wilder, Hugh O'Brian, Phyllis Schlafly, Buckwheat Zydeco, Jose Fernandez, Arnold Palmer, Hanoi Hannah, Thomas Mikal Ford, Dennis Byrd, Bobby Vee, Leonard Cohen, Janet Reno, Robert Vaughn, Ralph Branca, Fidel Castro, Ron Glass, Grant Tinker, Associação Chapecoense de Futebol, Joe McKnight, Rashaan Salaam, Greg Lake, John Glenn, Bill Dineen, Alan Thicke, Craig Sager, Zsa Zsa Gabor, George Michael, Carrie Fisher, and far too many more to list.....

Eat a big fat dick, 2016.


  1. Its insane how many celebs have died this year...they're supposed to come in threes, not three hundreds.

    I thought about doing a blog post with the full list, but I honestly cant keep track of them all. Before we had a chance to reflect on Alan Thicke, George Michael died. Then Carrie Fischer. Hey grim reaper, take a vacation ffs!

  2. So many icons of my youth gone this year...

  3. Every year there are athletes and pop culture icons who leave us... but 2016 seemed especially harsh. Rest in peace Carrie Fisher.

  4. So many people. Some on your list has that that​ I forgot about. Sigh.

    I played in a bar trivia game tonight and one round was people that passed away this year. Sadly we got all ten correct and then sat and discussed some of the people that were not asked about. It was a little depressing.

  5. I usually don't get to upset about celebrity deaths, but the Carrie Fisher one bothered me.