Wednesday, December 21, 2016

So I joined the idiot group

I remember reading about this release a month or so ago. Then I saw a few here and there and thought "nah - it's extra stupid on something already stupid'. I saw other blogs ripping boxes and used those posts as the taste I needed for the product.

Then I just frigging caved and bought a box out of the desire to rip something.

Image stolen from a YouTube video
Why are we all such mindless drones to buy into this stuff? The posts and videos should have been enough, but no. I buy a box anyway, knowing I really only care about a small fraction of the contents. May as well show off what I got.

As I ripped, I thought this was a pretty decent box for the Chicago area. With 6% of the 200 card base set Cubs (12 cards) and just 2.5% of the set (5 cards) White Sox, I thought I was doing pretty good with the Sox over the Cubs in regard to quantity. After sorting, though....

Got 5 of the Cubs and 3 Sox, but one of the Fraziers is a glitter insert. So I pulled 42% of the Cubs in the set and just 40% of the Sox. Will this winter of my discontent ever end?!?!?

Here are all the arts and crafts cards from the box. Was it just me - did other people that ripped one of these find their preschool project cards to be dupes of other cards? All these that glitter I have the non glitter base for. Just an observation.

Three for the binders. Technically, I need another of the LeMahieu since Lamb is wearing a throwback sliding in to break up the play.

And my hit?

Eh. I guess that's good. Has a nice two color swatch at least.

So who is making the membership cards for the Stupid Club? Gavin????


  1. So that's the walmart box, right? Do all the cards in the packs have the snowflakes in the clouds pattern?

  2. I'm not one to judge (I bought 3 or 4 Topps Now cards this year) but....I bet you wish you had that cash back in your pocket.

    And how long has a holiday set been a thing? I swear I don't remember people blogging anything like this in years past.

  3. I bought a Holiday Mega Box at Target last night and got pure crap. I would have rather had one of these Walmart boxes.

  4. I'm going to throw myself a parade for not buying one of those. I actually kind of like them, but my goal of not opening retail this year is so close to coming true.

  5. Pretty snowflakes. Might track down a relic or two. But I probably won't be buying an entire box... unless they're discounted.