Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday SIL: Sign on the dotted line.

Today's SIL is really a while in the making, and the actual "like" in my hands didn't come but a few days ago. See, Sam over at the Daily Dimwit and I have been working a trade for....crap, let's just say a while. He's held onto a card for me from his trade list in the hope (from my end) that I might find something he wanted for his needs. Well, days, weeks, months and the heck with it. My hope wasn't panning out, but I was able to secure a couple cards he would like. I told Sam I would be sending out his envelope, so just pack up my end of the trade with the loot I pulled from his November break.

Well, wouldn't you know it but I hit it big (in my book) in the break, snagging a 2nd card I have long desired. So this is really a two-fer SIL.

Sale, who should have a good long career ahead of him, and Iguchi, who will become a personal collection project in the future. Why Tadihito? Here's why...


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  1. I completely understand starting a collection of Tadahito, let me know when you get want or needs list together. I'm starting to accumulate a crap load of dupe Sox cards again.