Monday, November 5, 2012

Trades 20 & 21: completing two set (almost)

There are a bunch of perks when you work from home. Start with being able to sleep later. You have easy access to healthier food. Less hassle in rush hour traffic. There is the savings in your pocket from gas and tolls. Hell - I don't even shower somedays!

Let me correct that last statement: I do shower. Just not at 5:30am which is the time I am getting ready for the day I go into the office.

One last perk: I know right when the mail arrives, so I get my hands on trade items pretty quick. Today my mailbox rewarded me with two packages. Both were trades that sent a lot of Allen and Ginter between the parties involved, but in the final tally...well, let's get to that later. First, the goods.

Trade #20 (first package I saw) came from everyone's favorite Dutch (except Nigel Powers), Jeroen from Dutch Card Guy. He needed Ginter and GQ; I needed Ginter and Topps. And as always, there are a few bonus cards. Jeroen, I hope you like the extra cards I added (and hope you don't have many of them). Now, I am not going to post the Ginter base he sent, but here are three of the many cards Jeroen sent to fill the "any White Sox will do" mantra. The best part is not only are these three cards I don't own, so are all the other cards he added. Sooner or later I am going to get some junk wax dupes, won't I?

More Crede. I love me some Crede. And a nice 89 UD Ozzie. I think that makes just 2 or 3 89 UD White Sox. I missed the boat that year. But thanks a ton, Jeroen, for the cards. You have left me just 14 cards from completing Topps Series 2 and ..well....close to A&G, until I opened the other trade.

Trade #21 came from Duane at Democratic Roadkill, which is a site I frigging love already, and then he likes to collect cards, so that's two in his favor. If only he looked like Kate Upton.

Gratuitous Kate Upton picture - Hi Greg!

Well, I still like the guy, and after I opened the box, I love the guy. For what Jeroen missed on my wants list, Duane took out back and beat it like a rented mule. After the dust settled, I have only 3 A&G short prints needed to finished the set. And the minis I desire have been more than halved. Here's a little eye candy from the trade.

Duane - can't thank you enough for the wonderful damage to my wants list. Keep up the good fight in Ohio, buddy. I'll bring the beers in 48 hours.

Speaking of 48 hours: remember tomorrow is the day we need to use our right and vote. In the recent months, there have been far too many attempts to limit or deny our right to vote. Voting is one of the most important jobs we can do. I am not going to tell you who to vote for. If you want to take the time or pay attention, you can determine which spot I will be marking on my ballot. While I hope you match mine, I really just want you to take advantage of your rights as a citizen of voting age and make your voice heard. You have that duty, so please take advantage of it. (Off soapbox).


  1. one would think this would encourage more people to trade with me....seeing as how trades with me somehow lead to more Kate Upton photos....... and we can all agree that is a good thing...

  2. Glad you like the cards and thanks for the trade !!