Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday SIL: well packed

There can be lulls in our hobby. We wait for the next release. We wait for a sport to pass by that maybe we don't follow enough that we collect. Our finances can cause us to step back from being too hard into our collection. We can be so focused on one aspect, being a specific player or set, that we do nothing towards anything else.

When the lull hits me, I like to hit the repack box. Depending on the size you get, you are talking about a buck to a buck twenty a pack. The joy I find in the repack box is you have 10 to 20 pack openings just wanting for your grubby hands. A twenty at my LCS might get me 4 or 5 packs to open. And those packs are as much a crap shoot as a repack box.

Someone say "shoot"?

Even though I hit the card show yesterday, I didn't get a lot of pack ripping in, and my local Walmart just refilled their repack row, so I plunked down $20 on a box. I dug through and found a box that had a pack of 07 UD Masterpieces showing. The rest of the packs in the box? Two 2010 Ginter, two 2008 UD Baseball Heroes, two 2008 UD Timeline, two 2011 Topps series 1, two 2011 Topps series 2, one 2011 Topps update, one 2010 Topps series 1, one 2010 Topps series 2, one 2007 Topps update, one 2012 Topps series 1, one 2011 Topps Heritage, one 2008 UD X, one 2009 O-Pee-Chee and one 2000 UD Ultimate Victory. 

So why are repacks stuff I like? Well, sometimes you pull nice minis.


Boy kings and rookies.

 Sparkles, shinies, original backs and other short prints.

Personal collections.

Oh, and relics.

Yup. Two out of the 20 packs had decent hits. Right now, I would like to take the time to completely make fun of another blogger. See, Greg from Plaschke is drooling so much over that Kemp that he stopped reading and is firing me off an email to ask for a trade on the Kemp. So let me just make fun of the guy since he is not here. I hear he has bad flatulence and can't count above 50. Oh crap...he's coming back. Act natural....

So repacks can be your friend. Not saying you will always get something good, but some do contain very good things.

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