Friday, November 30, 2012

Deck the hall

The 2013 ballot is out and the writer's will get a chance to make their options heard when they cast votes for the players we have marveled over in past years. I've only been on this little stupidity of a blog for less than a year, so this is the first chance I have had to play god in regard to the Hall of Fame ballot (if any of you give a rat's behind of my thoughts). So - do any of you care who I would give the nod too for a plaque in Cooperstown? We'll soon find out of you do, cuz if you continue to read, either you are hoping that I will misspell something in epic fashion, or you have drunk enough wine that you think I would be an interesting read.

How does one misspell "and"? Where's that unfollow button?
So, here's a nice, long cut and paste of the ballot. If they get my vote, they get a highlight:
Sandy Alomar Jr.- Jeff Bagwell - Craig Biggio - Barry Bonds - Jeff Cirillo - Royce Clayton - Roger Clemens - Jeff Conine - Steve Finley - Julio Franco - Shawn Green - Roberto Hernandez - Ryan Klesko - Kenny Lofton - Edgar Martinez - Don Mattingly - Fred McGriff - Mark McGwire - Jose Mesa - Jack Morris - Dale Murphy - Rafael Palmeiro - Mike Piazza - Tim Raines - Reggie Sanders - Curt Schilling - Aaron Sele - Lee Smith - Sammy Sosa - Mike Stanton - Alan Trammell - Larry Walker - Todd Walker - David Wells - Rondell White - Bernie Williams - Woody Williams

Yes, I ignored everyone that used steroids. Some of those players may have had a decent chance to make the hall with normal numbers. But they chose to get an illegal advantage over a long period of time, so they get the rest of that time with no vote from me. Some of the others might get a vote for me in different years - just not this one. Maybe I'm cranky today.

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