Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What's wrong here?

I've been working my tail off the past few days, getting my duplicates separated from sets, organizing my keep cards that go into binders from the keep cards that are not yet ready for binders. I've been getting wants lists updated and posted, and I've been getting ready to add earlier years of serial and parallel cards to the PWE trade page.

In all that, I was working through getting cards from the repack boxes where they belong when I noticed these two cards. I ask you: what's wrong with them?

Now, I know these are 2011 Topps, and I may be really late to the party on this one, but are there a lot of these out there?


  1. this is a crazy coincidence! I was organizing my Red Sox cards just yesterday and when I was putting the Kalish in the page I did a double take. I thought the "Topps" placement was off (middle instead of upper corner) but I don't have enough of the set to make any conclusions. Glad you found another example. Wonder if that was intentional. There's enough room to put it in the corner and where it is on both cards interferes with the picture (especially in Ankiel's ha)

    1. Bingo - that is what threw me as well. For the record, I did a quick scan in 2011 and found a few more that had the middle placement of rhe logo. But many of the horizontal cards were fine. Also - didn't find any in series 2 or update with the weird placement.

  2. I have some examples of misplaced Topps cards. I did a search on eBay and usually these cards are presented as having an error. If it is really an error I don't know.

    Even SP cards have that mistake: http://www.ballcardz.com/images/uploads/11TMM7.jpg

    League Leaders cards also have the same error and at least I have one vertical card with the error so it's not only the landscape cards having it: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-BYJv8NVQGt8/TW94GHtDI7I/AAAAAAAABCI/WMRzx7MssMw/11T_222_Matt_Lindstrom_front.jpg