Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sunday SIL: Trade playlist

It's been a couple weeks since I posted a SIL, so let's take a Gypsy Queen and Big Sort break and have some fun. For those that read my ramblings, you may notice the bottom of 95% of the posts contain a video - usually YouTube, but I have used a couple other sources once or twice. Hopefully you watch the videos. I take the time and effort to tie the music with the post in some fashion.

See, I am a big fan of music. I grew up the youngest of 3 boys. Back then, you had one tv in the house. Maybe a 2nd small, black and white set. But being the bottom of the food chain, there were plenty of times either I watched what my brothers wanted to watch, or I didn't watch the tube at all. So those times, I was up in my room listening to records with my head phones on. And when it came time for bed, I would stack a few LPs on my stereo set and listen while I fell asleep.

What the hell is this magic?

Music has always had a special place in my life. So, you ask, where in the world you going with this is regard to cards? Well, recently the Night Owl did a couple posts where he tied The Black Keys' "El Camino" & Van Halen's "1984" to baseball cards. So not to steal the idea, but spin of from it: let's look at the last cards I received from the N.O. (for the many Kershaws I seem to pull and mail to him), and associate each card to a YouTube video. Dive into my mind, if you dare.

First, and the card I knew would be in the envelope, is this beautiful black bordered 2008 A&G mini. I am going to avoid the obvious (you'll find out why) and go with a 70's classic.

Funny thing - Three Dog Night was one of the favorite bands of a friend of my oldest brother. 

If I was ever going to get a '75 Topps mini in my collection, it would obviously come from the Night Owl. This card was a little tough to tie to a song. I first thought of going with this great video of Eurythmics on Arsenio, because Annie is really belting it out acoustically (Beltin' Bill Melton). It's too much of a stretch, though. Instead, I am going with Modern English.

It works.

Here's a nice '77 Topps of Terry Forster. Here's where my first thought for the Thome fits better, based on his uniform.

The 1977 Topps are the first cards that show the new White Sox "old timey" uniforms on cardboard, as they just switched designs in 1976. So the song works in more ways than the obvious.

This card of Fisk stumped me when I first came up with this post idea. Until I took a good look at the card. See, this isn't a Topps release. This card is from 1991 and it's part of a panel of cards that were in Baseball Magazine. I can't find an uncut panel of the cards, but I left the scan a little wide. If you look close, you can see the cut and border around the edges. The card is cut on all 4 sides, so either there was a border that was cut off, or this card was the center of the panel. I'm picking option #2.

Once I considered the card was from the middle of the panel, the song just chose itself.

The envelope finished with this beautiful 1956 Sherm Lollar. Man, I do love '56 a lot. However, for this post, this card proved to be a pain. If we go "catcher", we don't get a lot of songs. Just readings of "Catcher In the Rye". Could go Dumbo with the ears, but that's cruel. And really - "Baby Mine" would be the only song, and singing that to Sherm is creepy. Any iteration of "Sherm" gets Civil War stuff. Leaves us with Lollar. Hey - I could go with any of a dozen "Lollipop" videos. But instead, I am going this route, cuz I think it's a pretty sweet mashup and the video is SOOOO easy on the eyes.

Hope you had fun with that. Now get out of my head and enjoy Easter dinner (if you celebrate). 

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  1. If I ever have a son, I'm gonna name him Sherm. Sherm Fuckface Backner. Cuz I'm a dick like that.

    That's gonna do it for me tonight. Guess I'll probably continue tomorrow if it's still open.