Sunday, January 27, 2013

Repack Wars: hockey style

We're going to switch up Repack Wars, leaving the green grass and heading to the cold ice with this box. I have posted a couple packs of this over at APTBNL and I said I would do a repack war on the box, so without further delay, let's see how my $13 (Target 10 pack repack box) was spent. Standard repack wars rules apply.

We begin with 08-09 OPC. Now, as opposed to the baseball OPC I get in repack boxes, I don't mind the OPC brand so much. This pack had a lot of no one in it, so the nod goes to the retro insert.

09-10 Upper Deck. SHOOOOOOOOOOTER! A couple nice cards in this pack, but Sharpie wins by default. The font on this set, though, is weird. Too small? Bad choice? Just something doesn't work.

OPC from 09-10. Even with the ads on the uniform, this is a pretty insert card.

2008-09 Upper Deck. Now, I did have a Blackhawk in this pack with Seabrook, but I am going to go with the ex-Blackhawk Roenick for the winning card. He will always be in the Indian Head in my mind.

The lower end of Upper Deck's 08-09 offering with Victory. I skipped past the Malkin, the Tanguay and the Kesler to settle on a nicely framed shot of Carey Price.

Take away a card I will be posting soon, this is the winner of the box. This came from a pack of 1991 Sportscards Ultimate. See more of the cards at this APTBNL post. I have found Scott Niedermayer's mailing address for TTM requests and this card will be mailed soon. I hope I get it back.

Just like their baseball cousins, this 07-08 Fleer Ultra features some stunning images. The insert of Doug Weight doesn't get the win, though, because the gold background looks like crap.

Yeah, I know. It's a Dead Wing. Here is an insert from 2010-11 Upper Deck. The rest of the pack was blah, and it was either this insert, or a Daniel Sedin card. I can respect the career of Lidstrom, if not the jersey. And the only thing I'll ever feature on this blog of a Sedin is this:

Before you get all bent about the cheap shot, everyone forgets Sedin started it:

So no - the Sedins don't get one word of praise here at 2x3 Heroes. Moving on.

A rack pack from 08-09 Upper Deck. LOTS of nice cards in this pack. had to go with this amazing card of Backstrom fighting off a shot. You have the puck, his mask, nice close up - stellar.

DING DING DING! We have a hit in the last pack,  2006-07 Upper Deck MVP. And not just any old hit....

Dual autographs! Andy McDonald never played with the Ducks, getting a few years with the Islanders and is now in Europe. Kunitz is now a Penguin. Both are sticker autos, but a good hit in my book.

I am calling this box a win. Just like this is a win...


  1. You're confusing Andy McDonald with Andrew MacDonald.

    Oh, and I'd like to trade for the Ducks' Dual Auto please, if it's available.

  2. Sweet job on landing an auto in a repack...that is nearly as tough as winning a lottery!

  3. Dual-sided autos.. don't see those often!