Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Trying to get back in the groove

I am envious of many of those in my blogroll, on my follower list, and other places. Not only am I envious of the sheer awesomeness of their collections, but of their writing abilities. I'm decent with words - my spelling is accurate and I am confident my grammar is proper.

It's your breath that's the problem, buddy.

If I struggle with anything, it's the concept. That's a ton of irony for those that know me, cuz when it comes to ideas, wacky thoughts and general "WTFs", I'm that guy. I'm the one with the snappy one liners, or I pick up the the obscure part of a comment, make some pop culture reference and send discussions on tangents never conceived.

Lately, it's been the idea. What to write about? Might I bore my reader? DO I bore my reader? It's the lack of idea why I don't write some days - I don't want to mail it in or half ass a post. You deserve better. And frankly, there is better on the web. I don't need to link you to them - just look in the side bar. I have a few ideas in my head for detailed posts, but they are going to take time and effort - two items in short supply at this moment. However, I don't want cobwebs forming on my blog, and I do have a desk loaded with cards I should thank people for, so let's get a few into the binders where they belong.

John of My First Blog (that's not really the name, is it John?) signed up for Club PWE. He was nice enough to steal the return address and drop me a few cards in return, that you see above. For those thinking about Club PWE - you are not required to send me anything in return. Ever! I just want a place to send cards from time to time, so if you haven't ever traded with me, sign up. No return package required. That being said, thanks John for ignoring the rule. I do not have any of these cards in my throwback binder, and never saw that Philly A's uniform before. Dig those high cuffs!

Chris and Kyle from Old Foul Cardboard sent me a nice stack of ChiSox. These two beauts were in there. I was a little upset with Chris over sending such nice cards, until he told me the price he snagged them for. I wish I could find cards priced that low. A huge hunk of wood on Albert's card. I wonder if the bat that came from was stolen out of the ump's locker room. Also, my scanner is not broke - you are seeing a green pinstripe on that Peavy card. Halfway to St. Patrick's Day is a yearly promo at New Comiskey. I would do a "tracking the relic" on that card, but if that swatch is from 2011, it's the Sept 9th game. Thirty second Google search.

Alright, here's hoping the writer's block ends soon. At least let me find a rocking video to post....

Oh crap.


  1. Bet you could hit at least a bloop single with that Belle card...

  2. I've been there on numerous occasions. Sometimes I worry that my posts are boring. Other times, I don't care if they're boring or not... as long as I'm able to document my hobby history. I hope you break through that block of yours.

    P.S. Awesome song. My mom and older sister would always listen to Air Supply and I always pretended to hate it. Same thing with people like Christopher Cross. Back then the neighborhood kids were listening to KISS and AC/DC. If they knew I liked that song, it would have been all over for me. But thirty years later... I'm not afraid of admitting my love for "soft rock".

  3. Air Supply rules.

    I was born in the very early 80's and grew up with two older sisters who were both born in the early-to-mid 70's. Result: soft spot in my heart for 70's/80's wuss rock.

    Also, you invoked the name of Chistopher Cross! That takes balls, sir.

    1. I shall no longer live in the closet when it comes to Christopher Cross ;-)