Wednesday, January 29, 2014

In plain sight

My son lives in Denver right now. He just turned 21 a couple months back. He was living in Iowa City for a while, but then a friend and him decided to go farther west. Iowa City was just a three hour drive from the house, so we could visit as (mommy) needed. But you just can't hop in the car for a trek to Denver.

As soon as high school was over, he was ready to move in with some friends. I know it was to escape the house rules. By no means are we horribly strict, but there are rules to be followed if you are under my roof. When you are out of the house, you set the rules. So I know that is why he went out on his own.

Like your typical teenager, when he wanted a bit of a change, while still in school, he asked to move to the basement. A far amount of his stuff is down there. He got really into music, and he's got some talent if you ask me, but that could be the proud parent in me coming out.

Before music, though, he shared with me a couple years in card collecting. Nothing huge, but he had his own box of cards and we would rip some packs together. I think it was more a way he wanted to bond with me, because looking back on it, I don't recall him really being "into it". About 9 months ago, I found his box of cards among his stuff downstairs. I sorted it all out - it was fun to go through.

The other day, I was in the basement looking for something when I noticed, in the section of his bedroom, a card I missed tucked into some cabinets we had mounted on the wall. It's surprising I never really noticed it before, considering the card design and the wood cabinets in question.

How you miss the famous yellow Fleer card shows how utterly distracted I tend to be. Why he picked this card to be out and in view is beyond me. He has concert and movie tickets, photos and other pieces of paper tucked in the gaps of the cabinet doors, but just the one Fletcher baseball card. It is a White Sox, and he is bunting, and I do need it for the binder. I hope he won't mind - he's a good kid.


  1. Apple doesn't fall too far from the tree, eh?

  2. You should ask him about the card it may have been 1st card you opened together or one you said something about etc.. there could be a story behind why it was the "one" out after you find out you might want to put it back where he had it for a reminder of those times? If you do that lmk I can send another one of those for your binder!