Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I ain't got no 2014

I didn't go to Walmart today. Nor Target. None of the big box stores that carry retail cards. I am sure the nearest Walmart to my house put out the '14 Topps today in one form or another. But I didn't head out to pick any up.

If you recall, I don't plan to go after building the 2014 set this year. I think the design is really poor and the inserts are getting too insane in the number of borders, subsets, diecuts, etc.... I saw the prelease look, then I saw the checklist, and it all confirmed I was thinking the right thing.

Many of the bloggers have found and posted cards, and I am right - I will not be going after the 2014 set. I may buy a pack here and there, just for the fix of ripping some wax cello plastic. But besides securing a White Sox team set, that's about all. I think the design and the photography (from what I have seen) is a step back from previous years.

That is not to say I don't need more than the Sox cards. I have seen some images, and folks, that is where you step in. You know of my throwback, bunting and double play binders - there are plenty of cards I will need from 2014 to fill the pages. Let me steal a few images from some fellow bloggers.

Nick at Dime Boxes posted these two. Can't say much about the ugliness of the softball uniforms on the left, but I am going to need both cards, and a 2nd of the Alexei for my Sox set.

The Junior Junkie went nuts with a bunch of rack packs. Gorgeous Cubs throwbacks are in Topps.

So are those A's unis too. I hope the Angels unis from that game are on another card.

Daddy need him some double play cardboard.

So I ask you, the reader, the shaping of the baseball collecting world - send me your unwanted doubles that fill my binder needs. Turn my dreams into realities.


  1. I bought some stuff and am not keeping most of it. I don't know if I've ever sent you anything, shoot me an email w/your address and hopefully I can get it out this week. backstop.cards at gmail dot com.

  2. I pulled a bunch of extra Sox/double play/throwback base (gotta love that collation!) and two White Sox gold parallels that will be heading your way soon, Jeff.