Thursday, January 2, 2014

Tis the Season update and recapping 2013

So another year is in the books. Since everyone is going over their 2013 goals, as well as looking towards 2014, why should I be any different? First off, let's do a quick recap of 2013, starting with the most recent event - Tis the Season.

That, fans, it what's called the "to be shipped" boxes. yes, those are all the cards I planned to give away this season. The total signups for the Great Card Dump was 42 brave souls. The 5000 count box on the left, plus the two outside rows in the middle shoebox are the cards, by team, I will be sorting through, coordinating and mailing out. Please, cut me a little slack as I do my best to get some even distributions to everyone. I will make sure you all get something decent in your package, as I have plenty of gold serials, Target/Walmart borders, sparkles and the like I will throw into the envelopes and boxes. The boxes in the middle are the minis, A&G and Topps that were claimed. At the far right are more claimed dupes. I think that's everything. I just think of all the space I will gain for VINTAGE!!!

Ok, let's revisit my goals for 2013. And we shall grade like we are back in high school:

Trades - 26 for the year. I'll be honest, I lost track. But I am positive I am well over that number. I still have 2 or 3 trades to complete for 2013, but I guess would be that I hit about 40 trades. A-

White Sox - organized and cataloged. I did do the Big Sort during the year, and for the most part, have over 90% of my ChiSox organized. Have a couple recently received stacks I need to get sorted, but I have all the dupes pulled out. The cataloged online part was an epic fail. Just no time. So all in all, I am giving myself a low C.

Sets - 10 complete. Again, I did not track how I did, but I think I completed 3 or 4 sets. I have put a good effort into the others, but still fell short. However, I did knock off the very first set I added to my want list, and for that alone I am going high C+.

Purchases - $25 per week limit. I am giving myself a G, cuz an F- is still too high a grade. There's always 2014 to get on track, right?

Specific collections. I had trifecta goals for Petrick (done), Crede (2/3rds), Iguchi (2/3rds) and Beckham (1/3rd). So I'll say a B on that. Want lists online - going B on this, because even though I never really started the Iguchi, Crede or Beckham collections, I did get my Petrick, Pierce, double play and bunting collections up on Zistle. Going to get the throwback binder posted soon. Pierce Project - complete, so A++ on that.

Tomorrow, I'll touch on my pulls of 2013. Shouldn't be too long a post. Then Saturday, let's setup the goals for 2014. I will also do my best to contact those that will be receiving cards so you have an idea when they ship.


  1. Another Trifecta builder... Nice! And 10 sets completed... Awesome! Looks like you did pretty well on your 2013 goals. Congratulations.

  2. I feel ya Jeff. My coffee table and desk looks like that too, LOL, (Pretty sure your flat rate box is almost full too).