Sunday, January 26, 2014

Rainbow update

If you have looked at my Want list recently (just look at the list already, would ya?!), or read in the summer, I am looking to complete the rainbow of Gordon Beckham's 2013 Topps flagship release. I have had some help with trades and pickups by Chris/Kyle from Old Foul Cardboard. Ebay has been helpful as well and, in fact, yesterday I received my latest addition:

It's the sapphire foil from Update. Numbered to 25, I jumped at this when it showed up a week back. Think of the mail away foil, only lighter blue (ie - gimmick).

Also, with a little help from Dennis at Too Many Verlanders, the cammo and the mini gold are snagged from COMC at a price I am willing to pay, and by "willing to pay", more like find vintage at my LCS and trade in value. So after that completes, I will be down to 2 "should be able to find" (mini and pink #/50), one "why did I pass up the two chances to snag it of ebay in the past" card (the silver #/10), one "I hope it shows up somewhere (mini black #/5) and then the "gonna be hard to find" 1/1s and plates.

If you see anything I would need, reach out to me, would ya?

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