Saturday, January 4, 2014

Bring on 2014

Alright, so we touched on the 2013 goals, showed off the hits. How about the direction 2x3 Heroes will be going in 2014.

Hi. I'm not going anywhere.

And I'm not going to drag this out - let's blow through my 2014 goals quickly:

Trades - Last year I set a goal of a trade every other week. I would double that, but that's pressure, and I usually fail under pressure. Sticking at 26. Simple and attainable.

Collection - Since the Pierce Project is complete, I think I will move to the Nellie Fox Project. Watch for a change in the buttons up top. Also, I want to push forward in the binders I have. If you check out my Zistle account, my double play binder is currently 357 unique cards, bunting is at 190, Petrick is 48 and I have yet to get my throwbacks online, but let's put them at about 200. Goals are to get the DPs to 450, bunting to 250, Petrick to 90 and throwbacks to 300. Again - simple. 

Organization - I have been doing very well in this category. I just need to get the throwbacks online, then catalog my ChiSox team sets. Anything more than those two are gravy.

Sets - Of all my goals, this is probably the most ambitious. I currently have 19 sets between my wants and A&G wants. I want to knock off 15. Sounds like a lot, but it should be pretty simple thanks to Sportlots, Just Commons and COMC. All total, I need under 400 cards for those 19 lists. Lot of SPs, but many of the sets are easy to fill online at the right price. Especially since the only 2014 set I will go after is Allen and Ginter. Maybe Heritage, but no other retail purchases. 2014 will be the year of the online and card show "blaster".

Blog - For those that follow, thanks. But I am not about the followers or the page views. I blog cuz it's fun and a great outlet for my stupidity that cannot be stated in 140 characters. However, I will be adding one feature - a most wanted commons list. This is where I hope you, the reader, help me out. I have such a list of DP, bunting and throwback cards, and I would be willing to bet many of you are sitting on a copy. Instead of my hitting up an online site, I am hoping to knock them out through PWE trades. So be on the lookout for the list, and help a brother out!

Overall - Others have touched on this, so I will as well: HAVE FUN! It's not about the big hit, or the rare pull. It's about what I like and what makes me smile. So if you get a package out of the blue, it's because it's fun. I may fail at my trade goal because of this, but who cares. I will not let money tell me how to collect. I get to do what I want.


  1. I see you are moving onto the Nellie Fox collection. Do you have a 1958 Topps? If not I have one in my collection that I would like to send your way. LMK, Adam

  2. "I get to do what I want." I totally agree. Great video by the way.

  3. Jeff, I can help out with the Bunting collection, lmk what specifics you have for them.

  4. I wouldn't be surprised if this post gets over 1,000 views. Best of luck on your hobby goals.