Saturday, January 18, 2014

Who gets post mail?

Lately, you readers have been on a tear, just loading up my mailbox. No complaints, mind you, but I really need to get my act together to scan, post and thank you folks. I did a recent clean off of my desk, which entails getting 10% or the cards into binders, and the rest moved to the stacks on the desk to my left. I still can't figure out this organizing thing.

It's like understanding me, only harder.

 So let's clear out the scan folder - image heavy post, I apologize.

First up is Pat at Hot Corner Cards. When he isn't doing a Tiger dump on me for my double play and/or bunting binder, he does a dump of OTHER teams turning two or bunting.

Ok, there are still Tigers, sometimes. Just tasty, vintage old English D's. Also, he gives me White Sox.

I think that Proly is actually in focus!

Robert from $30 a Week Habit dropped a PWE with two throwbacks.

That Delgado would have been on the sidebar "baker's dozen commons" list, but Robert made sure it's not.

First time envelope from Defgav of Baseball Card Breakdown. He made some goofy glow in the dark cards and I commented that I had to have one. Gavin sent me a couple.

I didn't get all "take a pic of them glowing" crazy with it. Just trust me they are pretty cool in the dark. Also, somehow, I won some cards from his site too, so I jumped on these two.

Both 3D in their own special ways. 

Kyle from....well, nowhere cuz he isn't blogging yet, jumped on a trade for a couple of the cards I pulled from the Panini Black Friday packs. I still have to mail my return package to him (getting all the TTS cards together) but he sent me his side.

Bunting, Pale Hose and double plays. And a nice Sale swatch.

Rob from Ranger Cards was looking for a place to dump some ChiSox cards. No. Brainer.

Good mix of cards that I needed to fill sets and some dupes for the DP, bunting and throwback binders.

Last, but not least, is my National Card Show date Julie from Funner Here. We just send stuff back and forth. She felt like she owed me a bunch of stuff with all my PWEs (hint to her and the rest of you - you don't) and sent a PWE over which was pretty sweet.

Love me hits to my Want lists (Darvish) and the ChiSox minis.

Being old hat at the National, she wasn't awestruck like I was because I completely missed this card. Hey - did you know the Blackhawks have won the Stanley Cup twice in 4 years? Did you know that  Dennis????

Jules gets in a lot of breaks. I think I benefited from a couple with these two beauts. 

Ok - time to move all those images to the "posted" folder.


  1. Wow, twice in four years, that's really impressive! Because I live in Nashville, right? No, wait, that's not where I live--I live near Detroit where we've won consecutive titles on three different occasions, three in eight years, four over six, and three over six. So call me when your so-called NHL team completes THOSE feats!

    Nice stuff from this trade, especially that vintage Gutierrez, who's wearing the best uniform of the bunch!

  2. That '91 UD McDowell has one of the best card backs of all-time.