Monday, March 10, 2014

An Irishman walks into a bar...

Ok - before anyone lobs mental tomatoes at me: I am part Irish. My great great grandfather and his parents came over from Ireland in 1880. While I have a very Polish last name, I am still quite Irish, so I can make the premise of a joke about some random drunk Irishman.

Now, that being said, I am not sure where my humor came from. I never really knew my father, and from what I knew, he wasn't one to make jokes. My mother was a smart and quick thinker, but didn't strive to make you laugh. The same can be said about my grand parents. Factor in my older brothers and many would wonder how in the world I attempt to be funny all the time.

Yeah - why?

I consider my sense of humor one of the few redeeming qualities I received. That and my fantastic good looks.

 Yeah - why?

If there is a chance to make a joke, I'll make it. If you stalk me about the blogs and read my comments, when I am not giving props to a nice card that is posted, I am usually the one being a smartass and derailing any normal conversation. It's rare when you get me being serious. Not saying it never happens, but you have to look good and hard to find it. 

 That's what she said.

The best part is the unintentional humor. Jim from GCRL is a funny guy and probably never knew it. I received a small package of cards from him the other day. When I ripped that box of Pasttime, Jim made an ask about the Fernando auto I pulled. The moment I saw that thing I knew one of you 3,466 Dodger bloggers would get it in your collection - Jim just beat you all to it. I threw the card in with a bunch of other cards I was sending him. We have done enough trades that I knew I didn't need to work this one out. Jim would come through. Boy, did he. But let's get to the filler first, because there was plenty of binder filler to receive.

Some great throwbacks. The Sosa on the far right was the very first entry in my baker's dozen commons on the right side. It has now been replaced with a new card.

Bunting. Nick and Jeroen alert!!!!! Glavin sighting at the plate!

Double plays. Someone tell me how I have failed to get the Morel in my binder? Oh wait - because he is a third baseman and that is not a double play card. I need my head examined.

That's what she said.

But the unintentional humor from Jim came from a statement on the enclosed letter. He said "Please let me know if this in not enough - I'm not sure that it is..." So what did Jim think was not enough for a Fernando autograph?

He sends me the first real card request on my most wanted, then thinks it's not enough. Would you look at the sweet thing?! Autographed, with the blue swatch from the Sox Chicago American throwbacks. Why would I put something that amazing on my most wanted and think receiving it would not be enough? Maybe if I sent you a Ruth autograph (and the jury would still be out in that regard) but I totally feel like I got the far better end of this deal.

Thanks a bunch, Jim. But enough with the humor. Leave that to the pros.


  1. i'll be here all week. thanks for the nando - i was happy to find a couple of your most wanted cards.

  2. That is a very nice Sale, to nice for your collection, you should probably send it in a PWE to me. I'll take it off your hands so your other cards don't get jealous.