Friday, March 28, 2014


There are constants in the world. Good always triumphs over evil. The McRib comes back every few months. The flow of the seasons in Chicago (winter, winter, construction, winter). The Cubs will disappoint again (look - it's been been 105 years. I guess everyone can have a bad century, right?).

One constant in blogland is the ritual of being bombed by Wes at Jaybarkerfan's Junk. I like to consider myself generous, and then Wes does what Wes does, and I end up looking like a hoarder. A week back...


...Wes dropped a small USPS box stuffed with White Sox. You can really jam those things full of cards if you tape closed the overstuffed team bags. Just when I thought I was close to getting all my ChiSox sorted, this box arrived. Though, in the long run, the timing was perfect. Since I was in cleanup/organize mode, I just shifted to the bags and got them all put away. Had to do some scanning, however, so I choose the best three from each bag.

Got a few Flair from Nachos Grande's recent box breaks. But not from this particular year for the Thomas. Durham is a dupe, but only by team set standards. He is a great bunting binder addition. And the Fleer? You cannot tell, but that is a glossy card from the full set boxes.

Iguchi throwback, but it goes into the player binder. Nice Fleer Metal of current manager Ventura I freed from the protective cover. And a chrome of Big Hurt. For the record, I think on of the bags would have filled with all the Thomas cards Wes sent.

More Frank. Skybox this time. Love that parallel from Pinnacle. He included the base card. The foil looks just as cool in person. And Topps Laser. What can be said about Laser?

I love that image of Mark Johnson. Not much of a career, but he is the manager of the local single-A club for the Cubs. Chrome Thome - sweet. And a nice Crede futures card for the player collection.

Oddball city. Oh baby, that wave of the future is sweet. All raised and beautiful.

More Hostess as well as that great MooTown Snackers. Those two cards alone are making me hungry. Nice triple exposure from Donruss.

A new Star Sticker for my collection. Love these Victory cards. I still miss the vested unis from the Sox. Finally, an amazing shot of the Big Hurt launching another one into the stands. Look close and you can see the baseball right in the middle of his bat. That thing is about to feel pain.

Last bag. Nice purple refractor for the throwbacks binder. So 90's with Harold in the middle. Who doesn't love the horribly focused early Fleer releases?

Wes, thanks as always for the card drop. Most appreciated.


  1. Wes is the best. I just wrote up a similar post for next week.

  2. Just as The Night Owl will continue piling up Blog of the Year trophies... Wes will continue being the most generous blogger in the universe.