Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Trade Me Tuesday #4

I knew no one could resist die cuts. Will we get a bite on this week's offering?

Here's how this works. I will post 6-ish cards each Tuesday. If you would like them, first to claim in the comments takes them. The cost for the cards is 1 (one) card off my want lists. It could be a need from my general wants, my A&G wants or something that I don't have in my bunting, double play, throwback, miscut or broken bats binders. You can find the cards currently in those in my Zistle account. Any card not shown is a card I want. Hey - if you would like to send me something for one of my active (or inactive) Projects that I don't have, that would be lovely too. Random White Sox and/or Blackhawks cards, however, are not allowed.

After you claim the stack, email me at 2x3heroesATgmailDOTcom. Let me know your mailing address - the cards will go out the day I get your mailing address (unless I already have it in my database). Here's the main key: DO NOT TELL ME WHAT YOU ARE SENDING! I enjoy a good surprise.

How about 6 mini cards. Sorry for that tease, Owl.

So here we have 6 late 80's Topps minis. The first four are from the ''88 Topps UK mini set. The last two are '90 Topps Yearbook stickers. The sticker on the front of the Ryno is Albert Belle. The card on the back of Yount is Doc Gooden.

Comment away.

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  1. That Tony Gwynn is outstanding. Would something from the Baker's Dozen be enough??