Saturday, March 29, 2014

plus 6, minus 4

I have talked in the past about the greatness of a PWE of cards. Another amazing package of 6 cards showed up the other day, and what those 6 accomplished is quite incredible. Dennis from Too Many Verlanders (or do you visit Too Many Manninghams) dropped 6 cards on me at the start of this week.

Just your straight forward group of Allen and Ginter. But the addition of these six remove four lists from my A&G needs. The three 2011 at the top finish the base with SP set of 2011. The Reyes was the last card I needed to finish the base with SP for 2008. Centaur completes "One Little Corner" and the Bastille is the last card needed for the "Palaces & Strongholds" insert set. I had all these in my shopping cart at Sportlots but haven't pulled the trigger on the purchase. I've since replaced them in my list.

Thanks Dennis. Anyone else who likes math, feel free to check out my needs.


  1. Happy to help! Also, a negative times a negative equals a positive.

    1. I'm a math teacher and I approve of this statement.