Wednesday, March 12, 2014

More Christmas gratitude

When I did the card dump this past Christmas, it was really just to get rid of a ton of cards quickly. It would have taken me forever to PWE all those out, and at a far higher postage rate in the long run. I have been fortunate, in that some of you people feel the need to return the gift in card form. I am finding that a wonderful bonus from you readers/bloggers/followers/nocturnal fowl. It's been a nice bonus to have small envelopes with cards coming back with a note thanking me. Here's two I received over the past week or so.

John, non-blogger to my knowledge, signed up for Tigers, Braves and Mets. He, like the many of you that choose Tigers, probably didn't get to many of the English D from the lack of that team in the box. I would say them and the Cardinals were my lowest quantity teams. But I know I sent John a few bags, and in return he sent me 10 cards - all needed for the binders.

I would have to look it up, but I believe that Damon in the upper left is one that would have appeared on the baker's dozen at some point, but now will not. That Dykstra must be from the opening pitch of some season - no WAY his uniform is that clean.

Great part of all these DP cards are the amount of HOFers you see. Sandberg (and hopefully Biggio), Alomar and Gwynn. Not so fast, Skip. Not so fast...

Last card is this sweet Archives of Nellie. While it does not fit into my ground rules for the Fox Project, it does go into the binder because it is Nellie. I never said I don't collect recent releases of players. It's just that the recent releases are not part of the project. Thanks again for the envelope John.

The other letter came from Steve, another who doesn't blog. Really? I think I will run a contest where you must have a blog to enter. Anyway, Steve threw in a note saying "this isn't much, but I hope you enjoy them". Steve seems to take his comedy skills from GCRL.

Two things about this group: a) was Otis Nixon always 137 years old when he played? Man, he looks frigging ancient. b) the Polonia card is interesting. If you look at his hands, he is releasing the bat. Either he's a horrible bunter, or the ball you see in the image is coming off the bat. Usually never see a bunting card after the ball has left.

Lot of people flying left and right. Ozzie up top usually has on a red topped stirrup on his right leg. I gotta figure it's there - just hiding under the blousing. I enjoy the look on Valentin's face as he watches his throw go to first.

One more card - the best of the bunch. If you have been here enough, you may see me comment from time to time that most players don't know the proper way to bunt. It's just not taught like it should anymore. In that vein, I give you Glenallen Hill.




  1. When you can hit a ball onto the rooftop across from Wrigley (Glenallen Hill), why are you even trying to bunt???

  2. Glad you got them! Happy to help out and be one of your reader groupies.