Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sunday SIL: keeping it in order

It's been far too long since I have done a SIL. But a recently received package reminded me of something I like - Zistle. I'm not sure I need to explain what Zistle is. In a few short works, it helps you organize your collection online. There - promotion done. CHECK PLEASE!

No check? Really? Dangit!

When my bunting and double play collections really started filling the binder, adding new cards became a hassle. I would flip page by page to see if I had the card in hand already in the binder. It was tedious and unreliable. So I decided to look hard into Zistle, and took a few days to get all the cards listed. By a few days, it was probably 10 hours or so over those days. It was work, and a lot of scanning for any missing images online, but well worth the time. I found a few dupes in the binders that I missed, as well as getting an up to date count on each binder. Now, when I virtual dime box, I compare what I find to what know I own and can avoid bidding on cards. I don't refer to it when I am at a card show - I figure if I have the card, I can find somewhere to PWE the pick up.

I point out my love for Zistle because Scott from....I don't think Scott blogs. Am I wrong, Scott? Anyway, Scott sent an email saying he dug thru my Zistle account and found cards I did not have. He sent about 18 cards that were all missing from my binders. Bunting...

Another card of Yount laying one down. Plus a lot of turns at second. Ball still in hand...

Flying through the air...

Even horizontal cards of the start of two...

Finally, one of the most common names in the DP binder - Roberto Alomar...

Love, love love that Sportflics. Thanks a bunch, Scott! I'm going to pay you back for these.

So get your cards online. It makes them easy to track for you and for the rest of us. Whether Zistle or anywhere else.


  1. I love Zistle. Without it I would not have an online collection checklist. The couple that runs it Josh and Ashley are great help when things get confusing. It might take them a while to get back to you on a question or a problem but they will usually get around to addressing whatever the issue is. Even if it is to admit the database doesn't do what you are asking or suggesting.

  2. One of these days I'll have to look into Zistle. I'm just afraid it's going to be one more thing on my already overflowing hobby plate.