Monday, July 14, 2014

Missed connection

For the trip to Denver, I had to scope out a good time to go. And by good time, I of course mean to take advantage of weekends to maximize the feeling of vacation. Because of my job, each day is limited to how many people can be off. Some days, we are limited to a single person. I would say more, but this is not the place. But yes, it is as crappy at it sounds.

Oh yeah. Tiny Tim singing Tiffany - that's my jam!

P-Town Tom had emailed me a couple months ago. He was going to be in my area for a conference and was hoping for some insight on card shops, food and the rest. I gave him a basic run down and told him when the time gets close, give me the date and we'll meet up. Well, you can see where I am going with this. The date of the conference feel during the week I was in Colorado. It stink, but I gave Tom all the info I could. He said he had a good time. 

When I came home, Tom had sent me a package. In the note he commented that trading cards on a meetup seems to be a thing and had some for me. Plus, to fill out the box he threw about a dozen 92 Stadium Club cello packs in the box (fun ripping). I had a small stack for Tom, but needless to say, he hasn't received mine yet as....well, you'll see why.

Let's start with these 3 sweet vintage cards. How pretty are those, and dang near pack fresh. But it continued.

How about junk wax I am missing from my Sox box? The elusive Don Wakamatsu rookie! Continuing...

All that shiny. I have been looking for the Spring Fever Sale with zero success. And I really should gather up all the Black Jack cards I have. Bet I would have a decent PC going. There were another 30 or so Sox cards in the package. And then there were these.

No glasses required. That group alone triples the number of Sox Kellogg's cards I have. And certainly blows away the quality of them all. Not a crack to be seen. 

Now that would be enough for me to not send my gift back. And then he puts in these.

A&G Sox relic? Check. Complete, unopened Pacific "Eight Men Out" set. DAAAAAAANG!!!! I have a few cards here and there from this release. Now I know I have the full set. Well - I assume. While unopened, I would hope it's not shorted. Who do I contact if is it?

So sorry we didn't meet up, Tom. I hope your school sends you back here next year. Hope to mail back something soon. Currently, we have no plans for next summer. Don't hold me on that, though.

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  1. I picked up the "Eight Men Out" set while on my east coast vacation for 75% off. Yeah, I couldn't believe it was in the same case as a bunch of '91 Donruss wax boxes and late '80s Topps sets. I thought it was a pretty sweet score and I'm glad you didn't have it yet.

    We'll meet up before too long. No worries!